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First Grey Hair

It finally happened, last night I found my first grey hair.  My younger sisters already have them but they both have dark hair while I have a lot of my grandfather's red and his went late, there was still a lot of red when he died at 92.  It's pure white and at my temple which means I'm probably going to get the temple streaks that run in the family.


Is it weird to be thinking "I'm going to look so awesome" as opposed to "how can I cover this up?"

Re: First Grey Hair

No, that's awesome!  I'd love to have mine grow in a cool way. Smiley Happy I have a few around where I part my hair, or at least those are the only ones I notice.  My hair isn't dark so they aren't very noticeable and it's just a few sporadic hairs. 

Re: First Grey Hair

I got my first gray hair at 16. Back then I always had blonde foils done, so it didn't bother me too much. In my late 20's I tried to go a bit darker and hated having to get my hair retouched all the time. I have sooooo much hair & the gray is really sporadic on my head that it looked unkept if I didn't get it covered. I would use at home glazes to temporarily cover them before my next color apt, but it was a lot of work. 

Now I'm 30, and have ombre hair so I really can't see them anymore. 

I think it's personal preference, but I have a feeling I'll stay blonde for the rest of my life, or salt & pepper when I'm older and have more gray hair to even it out.  

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