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Fine, limp, straight hair

I need help for my above the shoulder length, very fine, very limp, very straight somewhat oily hair.  Any suggestions for volume. I have tried Nioxin and the first week was great bounce and volume, then flat.  I have many bottles of volumizing shampoos and really need something that works.

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

My hair is super thick, coarse and heavy. I can't curl it, half an hour later the curls are gone...i put it up and within a few minutes its falling out.  One thing I have found is that bumble and bumble thickening spray, does help keep my hair up and curls in.

i think no matter what your hair is, you want something different. 

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

Has anyone tried WEN products? I am curious, but have not seen any reviews by people with fine, straight hair.

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

Like any hair line, you're going to find a slew of opinions, but here are some things to consider about Wen.


Wen is a cleansing conditioner, it did help pioneer this idea into being more familiar in the hair product world, and cleansing conditioners are essentially a hybrid of shampoo and conditioner consisting of 3 quarters conditioner and 1 part shampoo generally. The product itself is sulfate free, so it's void of harsh lathering agents and detergents that give high lather and soapy bubbles. This prevents stripping hair of essential oils and bulking hair down with residue and build up, which can weigh all hair types down, especially fine hair.


The key with cleansing conditioners is to not overuse the product when cleansing, since they are more conditioner based, using too much means you risk weighing hair down with moisturizers. Though most cleansing conditioners are formulated to be lighter weight in general, it's key to be receptive to your hair's needs and what it conveys after using a product. 



Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

Look for shampoos that are first off, sulfate free. Being void of strong detergents will lessen chances of hair being weighed down by build up and left over residue.


Secondly, look for products and lines geared toward volumizing and providing body, these are formulated with lighter weight moisturizers as to not bulk up strands.


Try Living Proof's Full line, it's a brand that is void of silicones and waxes, which can often times work against hair in terms of building volume, especially for hair that is fine or thin.



The line utilizes polyfluroesters to keep hair smooth and managed, but still amp up volume in strands. They also include multiple styling products in their Full line, but the kit is a great place to start with shampoo, conditioner, Thickening Cream, and Root Lift.


Another option is if you tend to use heat tools like a blow dryer, try Phyto's Phyto Volume Actif Spray:


This product forms bonds around strands that when exposed to heat plump to swell and expand, boosting volume and space around the hair shaft.


For styling products, it's key to focus on instruction, avoid applying products directly to the roots or top of the hair unless specified (root lifters for example are okay, but don't over saturate, it's better to start with a little and add to than to over do it the first time around).


You can also look into use of dry shampoos or styling powders. These help to absorb excess oil as well as act as "healthy" build up in hair, allowing for easier styling along roots if you need to tease hair or add some volume. Oscar Blandi, Alterna, Bumble & Bumble, Pssst, and Batiste are all brands that manufacture dry shampoos. There's a huge range of high end and drug store brands. Be sure to look into reviews in case your hair is darker, some dry shampoos leave a powdery white cast if too much is used or not blended into hair properly.

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

I haven't found any shampoo/conditioner or wash-away product that really helped.  The only that worked was Nioxin Diamax Thickening Xtrafusion treatment.  My stylist would put it at the roots at the crown to give me more oomph there.  I've been able to re-create it as home too.  


For somewhat oily hair, make sure to not condition all the way to the root - esp for somewhat oily hair, you don't want to weigh down your roots

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

I agree with Titian06! Bumble & bumble's thickening line is awesome. I love the shampoo and conditioner (so does my fiance lol). For extra volume, I spray the thickening hairspray in my hair while it's damp and blowdry. My hair is below the shoulder, so it's heavy, but doing this really makes it feel lightweight.

My new favorite thing is their Dryspun Finish. It's a dry shampoo and it really lifts my roots. It's great for touch-ups throughout the day (my hair can get a little oily during the day sometimes, but it doesn't as much using the B&b thickening shampoo).

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

I have exactly the same hair type, so unfortunately I should probably be the bearer of bad news: there's not a product on the market that's going to give you thick, bouncy volume. I have probably tried them all, and I find it's just better to accept your hair's natural properties than try to defy what nature gave you.


The good news is, fine, straight hair is way softer and silkier than other hair types will ever be. It still feels luxe even if all it ever does is hang there. lol


All I can really suggest is to try different things. And once you find something your hair absolutely loves, stick with it. Stick with it until the company changes their formula and you have to go back to trial & error all over again. It's inevitable. :-/

Re: Fine, limp, straight hair

Hi, tigereyes!  I really like Bumble & Bumble Thickening Shampoo (there's also a conditioner and serum) for volumizing.  In fact, it's what I've been using the past couple of weeks.  I got the kit when it was available as a 500 points item.  Although my hair is curly (it used to be stick straight), I really notice a difference in the amount of volume (trying to take the curl factor out of my reply to you).  This shampoo does come in the small "trial" size at/online Sephora; so if you're interested, you don't have to buy a big bottle to try it out.

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