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Fine/Wavy/Comb hair- Hair styling suggestions

Hello all Smiley Happy I just recently grew my hair out from the lovely "A-line/wedge" cut that everyone has been sporting these last couple of years Smiley Happy I loved the style, but decided to try and embrace my hair as it was, and grow it out long. I had envious of looking like a ginger Kardashian with lovely flowing locks.


Anyway, my pipe dream never came to light and instead I am stuck with lovely combo hair. 

My hair is mid-shoulder length, ginger/blonde in color.

I have very fine roots/hair that stays fine and flat (aka "greasy" after a few hours) at the roots, until it grows slightly long, turning into super waves/curls that are still somewhat fine, but more prone to frizzing (aka not pretty in Houston). 


The upside is I have "built in" beach hair, the done side is that I have no idea how to style it without using the blow dryeror looking like a rock star that just rolled out of bed.


Any advice is greatly appreciated! I'd love to hear what works for you to help maintain your natural texture but still beautiful!

hi atru! i also have curly/wavy hair and a horrible frizz...

hi atru!

i also have curly/wavy hair and a horrible frizz halo o.O

To do my hair, I wash it with CHI infra shampoo and CHI infra moisture therapy which keeps my hair soft and hydrated and definately helps with the frizz!

After that, i spray my hair with a leave in conditioner (CHI curl preserve system), but if you have fine hair i wouldnt recommend this cuz it may look greasy.

Then i apply ouidad heat and humidity climate control gel and let my hair set for about 5 minutes.

Next I put TRESemme curl care flawless curls extra hold mousse and i braid my hair in a tight braid and let it set for as long as you'd like. I usually braid my hair while damp before i go to sleep and when i wake up in the morning, take out the braid, and WHALAAAA!!! perfect waves(:

If you are fine with the waves in your hair then you dont have to braid it but the braid definately gives the waves a little extra oomph!

Hope this helped you!(:

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