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Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

I have extremely fine / thin and straight hair. I currently shower in the morning because I haven't found a way to shower at night without my hair getting greasy by the time I wake up. I am looking for a way to shower at night and "refresh" my hair in the morning. I have tried dry shampoo and it normally makes my hair even greasier looking. Anyone have ideas? 

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

  • I have had mixed results with dry shampoos. I like the one from suave. I would say try a few brands to see if ny work better for You. Alternatively you might try just using baby powder which will also soak up oil and can just be Brushed out. 

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Hi lcrx97,


Do you ever use a detoxifying shampoo? I like to use Bumble and Bumble's Sunday Shampoo once a week. This helps remove any product buildup in my scalp and in turn, I find that my hair doesn't get as greasy as quickly. This shampoo doesn't strip my hair of it's natural oils, but it does really deep clean my scalp and help build a lot of volume in my hair. Sometimes the scalp gets oilier more quickly when there is too much built up residue. I hope this helps :).





Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

you should try the dry shampoo by bed head, or any that leave a matte finish. 


it also could be that you're washing your hair too much, i had really greasy hair and once i started putting it up and away from my face and washing it every other day over time i was able to reduce the oil in my hair and now its much less oily, you could also try once a week or so using a cleaning shampoo such as neutrogena anti residue shampoo, and on the daily or every other day or so try a shampoo with no sulfates such as the living proof brand 



in the mean time, dry shampoo is a good alternative, as long as it dries matte and you use enough product on it then it shouldn't be a problem

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

If you have bangs, maybe just wash those in the morning, in the bathroom sink. That's what I used to do when I had oilier hair.

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

The only thing that works for me is to make sure at least my scalp is blow dried, it reduces the amount of oil produced. I can go 2 days, and then on the 3rd day i have to throw it up and add dry shampoo. Washing my hair at night doesn't work because il just sweat through it and in the morning it will be too oily

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

have you tried putting it in a top know before bed?  I wash at night, then rough dry, then put it up for sleep.  I have found that this gives me more volume in the morning.

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

One suggestion that I didn't see below is to stick it out for a few weeks. I have very fine hair, too, and my goal was to be able to go more than a day without washing. It was gross for the first week, and pretty yucky the next couple of weeks, but eventually my scalp adjusted and I can easily go two days most of the time. I tried to time my washes around important days so it wouldn't be so hard psychologically!

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

i really like oscar blandi pronto invisible dry shampoo 🙂 I have fine straight hair as well. Works fine for me, though i do prefer to shower in the mornings anyway (i'm too lazy to style lol) Hope that helps! 

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Do you change your pillowcases often?

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Do you use a shampoo with sulfates? If you are using a sulfate free shampoo it might not be doing the job for you! I had to switch back to using a shampoo with sulfates because sulfate free just wouldn't get it clean enough and I would be a hot mess within a day of washing ( with sulfates I can go 3 days). My hair dresser assures me that sulfates are fine. I know a lot of people are anti-sulfate but that is the cleansing part of shampoo. Maybe this would help. Experiment and see what happens. Also where do you put your conditioner? All over can be too much.  My hair is very long and I only put conditioner on the ends. I really hope this helps! 

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

So true about sulfate-free shampoos not getting hair as clean. Ironically, it seems more and more shampoos seem to be going sulfate-free now. Hmmmm.......

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

I have started checking the bottle before I buy. If it says sulfate free it isn't for me. Kenra , Chi, and rusk still have sulfates. Kenra is my fave!

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Just out of curiosity, what are you using to wash your hair at night?  Using a good cleansing shampoo or one designed for oily scalp would help (my favourite is Aveda Scalp Therapy), and maybe your dry shampoo wouldn't have to work so hard in the mornings.

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Oh, and just an addition to my prior post: I have tried ALL the drugstore ones (the ones listed below as well) and they just didn't really absorb the oil for me and they didn't leave my hair manageable.  But again, different ones work better for different people.  I have fine oily hair, but I have a ton of it. Definitely not thin. So not sure if that would make a huge difference. I agree whole heartedly with the techniques listed by andrea.  I can now go 3 days without washing/drying my hair which significantly reduces damage done to my hair as well as gives me an extra 30 to 45 minutes in the mornings.  

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

I really liked AG dry shampoo. Bonus: it has a very nice citrus-y scent!

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Agree with all below.  There are some great dry shampoos and some awful ones.  Also, different ones work better for different people.  


I personally love the powder ones as opposed to the sprays. I use Alterna Dry Shampoo (it is sold at Sephora).  I am also interested in the new bumble and bumble one that also helps add volume/texture to your hair; which might be nice for your thin straight hair.  I would give them another go.  My favorite spray one was Ojon which is also sold at sephora if you just prefer spray

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

I agree with the above posters. some dry shampoos give bad cred to dry shampoos so keep trying til you find the right one. some just give a good scent some give you shine. they few ones I can count on to actually remove the oil in my scalp and freshen my hair are:

#1. batiste

#2 dove


also try different methods. for me this is the technique that works:

-spray at roots in sections.

-leave to dry for 3mins

-run your fingers through your scalp to distribute the product evenly

-finally blow dry on lowest heat and speed setting and aim at roots while brushing your hair out (this eliminates all residue or white powder remaining.)


and voila! fresh second day hair! hope that helps 😄

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Batiste dry shampoo!  I have long, straight, fine hair that I used to wash at least once a day, which was killing it.  If I washed my hair after the gym in the morning, it would start to be greasy by the time I was going to bed. Now, I wash at night, do a post-gym shower and use dry shampoo.  


I've tried very high end brands all the way to Psssst! (yes, that's the name), and Batiste remains my go-to, especially now that it's widely available in the US.  I find it at TJ Maxx and Marshall's frequently for under $6, and it's a mainstay at Ulta.


You should also invest in a good (I mean really good) paddle hair brush with either all boar bristle or a mix.  It will keep build-up to a minimum and ensure your hair stays lustrous looking rather than dry, oily or a weird combination thereof.  I have a Mason Pearson and it really does make all the difference in the world.  

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

Batiste is the dry shampoo I've tried 😞  Maybe I need to give it another chance. I just have an icky feeling when my hair doesn't feel as clean. I've heard that your hair can get used to being washed less if you just stick with it. 

Re: Fine/Oily Hair - Want to Shower at Night

I have it too and honestly, I cannot shower at night and just do a quick refresh. IF there is a miracle product out there that will allow me this I would pay most anything. This being said, I did switch to Wen a couple of years ago and I can get away with a shot of dry shampoo ( i use drybar detox or Klorane) But I still have to use a straightner or do some sort of hot tool use to make it presentable. If your hair is greasier, then what you are using on your scalp in overdrying and it is compensating for the lack of oil which is essential is hair health. If you try Wen please follow the directions and give it a week. When I first started, i was like this doesn't work, I am more of a greaseball, but after I read the directions on how to use it properly it was a life changer and I cannot use regular shampoo anymore. Even sulfate free like Bumble and Bumble just tangled it up in knots.

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