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Fine Curly Hair



I have fine curly hair that is shoulder length. What styling product can I use to prevent frizz but not weigh down my curls.

Re: Fine Curly Hair

Hi Ilene233.  I recommend trying Living Proof  Wave Shaping, Curl Defining No Frizz Styling Spray for Fine to Medium Hair.  It is made specifically for fine hair and will keep away the frizz without weighing down your curls.  Simply spray on towel-dried hair and style. Smiley Happy
Wave Shaping, Curl Defining No Frizz Styling Spray for Fine to Medium Hair

Re: Fine Curly Hair

I think i will get this I needed something like this thanks

Re: Fine Curly Hair

Hi ilene233,


I definitely agree with Keely's suggestion. Smiley Happy I have fine hair as well that is somewhat wavy and lightly curled. It's hard to find products that will smooth and define the curls without making them flat. I like to also use the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist because it is super light on the hair and never feels crunchy. Pair that with the Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Defining Creme (apply the creme first) and you will have a beautiful, frizz free and soft mane of hair! The creme is great because it is specifically for fine curls. I love these products! Smiley Very Happy



Curl Conscious Reactivating Mist Curl Conscious Defining Creme



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Fine Curly Hair

John Frieda has some excellent hair products for our naturally curly locks. The price is good too.

Re: Fine Curly Hair

I also have fine, curly hair and have been using Ouidad Curl Quencher for 4 years, it's fantastic. The conditioner and deep treatment are also favorites of mine.

Re: Fine Curly Hair

WELLA CURL ENHANCING MOUSSE. I hate the stiff look that mousse sometimes gives me. This product does not do this at all, I have super frizz hair and this eliminates it all together. By far hands down best product ever used and I have tried everything from drug store brands to salon and this is by far the best.

Re: Fine Curly Hair

Thanks, I have medium hair and wavy hair that sometimes behaves to fall very wel and sometimes unshapely. SO this enhancing mousse sounds like something that wont weigh it down?

Re: Fine Curly Hair

I have INSANELY curly hair, and the humidity really brings out the frizz Smiley Sad I tend to use the Garnier Fructis anti frizz serum. It is AMAZING for combating humidity, and is only about 5$ in most drugstores. Aside from that I use the pantene curly hair gel. You would think that the gel would wiegh down your hair, but it really doesn't for mine. I just throw a bit in while its damp, and it helps with frizz control during the day. Nobody can even tell that it's there. On occasion, I put some of the pantene curly hair hairspray in, and you don't even feel like you're wearing hairspray, plus it helps. So a combo of the three is great,  and I reccomend it.


Re: Fine Curly Hair

I found Joico Curl Activator Revitalizing Spray . It works very well with curls and does not weigh it down.

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