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Favorite products for more extreme hair?

I have tried many different styles of hair- in my profile picture from my wedding four years ago it may be long and black, but right now it is short, lavender, and undercut. (the style is very similar to that of the singer, Pink)  I'd like your recommendations for products to get a spiky, fun look.  Something that would be strong enough to do a mohawk if I desired.  Something not too sticky!  Thanks!

Re: Favorite products for more extreme hair?


is S4U Alfaparf Milano-London, matte molding paste...its a creative concepts by mahogany London. use on dry hair-

it totally washes out with shampoo/no residue.

Re: Favorite products for more extreme hair?

Sumotech is awesome! It's light weight enough to not make hair limp by mid-day but has enough control to where you can shape and have your hair be pliable to style. This would be create to create a piecey look or even create a softer mohawk.

To create a stay all day mohawk, if you're wanting it to last through quite a bit, Got 2B's glue (the one in the yellow tube at drug stores) is incredible. It's water resistant so even heat/sweat/humidity won't bring your hair down. The texture is a bit thick to work with, but a little does a long way and once it's dried and set you don't have to worry about your hair moving at all. I've used this to spike up my bangs that were about 7 inches long and they went right up with no issue. My boyfriend also uses this for his mohawks and it stays in place like no other. Once it dries there's no residue or sticky/greasy lingering feeling.

Re: Favorite products for more extreme hair?

Thank you for the suggestion!! I will look for the Got 2B as well as picking up some sumotechl!!! 

Re: Favorite products for more extreme hair?

Hi nebel, 


That sounds like a fun look! I don't have the energy to fix my hair much anymore LOL but there are some AMAZING products for the look you want!

I love hair waxes for a more intense and defined finish to the hair and they work great for spikey/piecey and more texturized hair:


Bumble & Bumble Sumotech




If you wanted to really have straight pieces for a mohawk, try the Bumble & bumble Straight Blow Dry which gives stick straight hair:




Volume sprays are amazing to apply to hair and then tease or lift at the roots. I love this Alterna one for crazy big volume.


Alterna Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blast



And don't forget to set it all with a lightweight hairspray that keeps that lift and sets the hair in place. The Oscar Blandi is a lighweight aerosol that I love.


Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume Spray


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Favorite products for more extreme hair?

Diana, Thank you for the suggestions! Sumotech was one of the products I was already interested in! 

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