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Favorite Hair Mask or Leave-In Treatment?

My hair has been driving me crazy for years, and I have yet to find something to tame it. My hair is halfway between full-out ringlets and waves. The problems that drive me crazy are split ends and frizz- particularly at the back of my head and right above my forehead. I have all these short little pieces at my forehead!


Hair oil is one thing I want to avoid- I've tried multiple types and all it does is make my hair look crazy greasy.


Couple things I'm looking at right now- have heard good things about the Devacurl line and the Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. I've also recently tried some small samples of the Living Proof No Frizz line. Anyone tried these or have some other recommendations they love?


Re: Favorite Hair Mask or Leave-In Treatment?


I LOVE this stuff and it's moisturizing and smells like bananas! It's expensive but if you sign up for the sites email they send out a 30% coupon each month.

Re: Favorite Hair Mask or Leave-In Treatment?

Organic jojoba oil, put a few drops in my hands, spread around palms/fingers - then comb through hair ends (ideally damp hair, but also works on dry), then work my hands a ways up my waves to spread out the last little bit!

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