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Favorite Hair Brush

After using the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Small Round Brush for 3 months the paint began to chip off the handle and cap. I am guessing it was the high heat blowdryer that I use along with the brush daily. The bursh left tiny chunks of white paint chips in my hair. I was desperate to find a round brush. For weeks I searched at 4 different Sephora stores and online to see if I could find a new plastic/metal round brush. Sephora was naturally my first choice to find my next brush, since every purchase comes with VIB ROUGE points. Unfortunately I had no luck.


A few days ago, I came across the hair brand label.M. They offer 4 round brushes each in a different size. I purchased the small and the medium at a local hair salon. These brushes have BOTH synthetic (nylon) bristles AND boar bristles. The mix creates the perfect brush. [The SEPHORA COLLECTION - Small Round Brush only comes with synthetic (nylon) bristles.] The boar bristles are gentle, while the synthetic bristles help hair dry faster.


A good brush helps create shine by distributing oils from your scalp evenly over hair. It acts as a detangler and it won't harm the scalp or tug at strands. I LOVE THEM!


I definitely recommend these, the only complaint I have is that if you live in the states and want to purchase one of these or any of the label M hair products; you have to find a local hair salon that keeps them in stock. The online website does NOT ship to the states.



What brand are your favorite hair brushes and why?

Re: Favorite Hair Brush

I rarely blow dry my hair, and when I do a brush doesn't touch it until it's 95% dry. 

When my hair is wet the only thing that touches it is a wide tooth or pick comb. 

At night before I go to bed I like to brush my hair with a mason pearson to distribute hair oils. 

Re: Favorite Hair Brush

I have to have boar bristles in my brush, its so much better than a standard paddle brush. After trying several different boar/combo brushes I am in love with the large Bed Head paddle shaped brush (the hot pink one, seen in my October haul picture). Unlike the standard paddle brush it has boar bristles around ever prong (my hair is too thick for bristles alone). No more ripping, snagging, and dreading brushing my hair. I call that a win.


I would also love to try a wooden comb. It just hasn't happened yet for some reason.

Re: Favorite Hair Brush

I use med toothed wood combs like these:


Brushes make my hair oilier, I tried a plastic/boar one after shower and my hair was oily within 12 hrs. Plastic are ok but static-y. Occasionally I use brush for styling, but most of the time just combs.

Re: Favorite Hair Brush

Mason Pearson is the gold standard for natural bristle hair brushes. My personal favorite is the Drybar Lemon Drop brush because it does not pull my hair or hurt my scalp. I can use it for heat styling if i want to, but rarely do. It seems the DLDB is getting a cult following Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Hair Brush

LOVE the Drybar Lemon Drop soooo much. I have super long hair that is always tangled and this is a lifesaver. I ended up buying three, one for home, one for my purse and one for work. Looooove it. 

Re: Favorite Hair Brush

My fav hair brush is the SEPHORA COLLECTION Boar Detangling Brush. I will never use a plastic brush again! I have medium/thick hair and this brush makes my hair shiny and instantly smooths it. The first time I used it, people thought I got my hair freshly cut.

<3 Melissa
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