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Facial hair

Hi sephora community page,

I'm a teenager who has very fast growing facial hair. I tried home waxing and it worked... for a couple days and then it grew back. Recently I have been using the tweezerman facial hair remover. The first time I used it was last week and by now the hair has already grown back!!! So I have a couple of questions. First of all, if I keep tweezing or waxing my hair how often should I do it. Second, does anyone know a better product for me to try. I have dark hair and I'm scared of bleaching it. ahdjskjsb teenagehood is so hard. Lol thanks for taking your time to help a girl out. 

Re: Facial hair

It's a long one but thought I'd share my personal experience as well. Hope it helps!


Besides any products, I would suggest going to a doctor to see if there's any cause for the hair growth. I went through the same thing while growing up. My lab tests didn't disclose any major issues so it was determined it was just hormonal, then side effects of laser removal.


I have dark hair as well but I did bleach it for some time. The problem with bleaching, besides the horrible smell of some products, is that if hair is long, it is still visible. In my case, though I have light skin, the color of the hair after bleaching was just too noticeable in my opinion. So, while growing up I only waxed a few times. The rest of the time I trimmed the hair (never shaved though).


I know it's pricey but I tried laser hair removal and that worked the best for me, while I kept the regime. When I started laser, the hair was dark but fine. After some time that I stopped the laser treatments, hair started growing coarser. I started twizzing it but the area was so large that it took forever and I did get some scaring (like an idiot) so I wouldn't recommend that. Then, this year I started laser again, a treatment a month and I'm really happy with the results. The laser technician mentioned that some people do react to laser like I did and hair starts growing coarser. Right now (about 8 months later) barely any hair is growing and if it does, it's so fine and almost unnoticeable.


If you can afford it and find a place that has the right equipment for your skin tone, I would go for that. Otherwise, I would advice against twizzing (unless it's only a few hairs here and there). If wax works for you, even if you have to do it often, that would be the next best thing in my opinion. My hair used to grow really fast as well so the only thing that lasted me more than a few days was laser. Now I don't see any growth for like 3 weeks.


I know the feeling but hang in there!

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