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Drybar products

Has anyone had the chance to try out Drybar products? How would you critique the products you've tried? 


I've tried the 100 proof treatment oil and really liked the way it didn't weigh down my hair while smoothing it out before a blowout, but I'm skeptical because it didn't make a difference on my ends. Wondering if the Alterna bamboo kendi pure oil treatment would be better. Anybody try both products? What was your opinion? 


The Drybar's Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo + Conditioner felt luxurious on my hair. I have color treated, relatively thick hair for reference. It was definitely weightless, and smelled good...but just not really giving me that "wow" factor. 


Also, I have a question that has been bugging me lately...

1.) Why do certain products say "sulfate free", but when I check the ingredients there are such things listed as: sulfosuccinate or sulfoacetate; aren't these other fancy words for sulfates? Can someone please explain what to look for in a sulfate-free product (mainly shampoo). 

Re: Drybar products

The comment about Drybar products smelling like cocktails made me laugh. I used a few samples one morning before work and all day long I smelled like someone spilled a drink on me. I was very self conscious during closed door meetings in a stuffy office. I kept worrying that I smelled like I'd been out too late the night before and hadn't changed or showered.

Re: Drybar products

I've tried quite a few things from Drybar and while I felt like everything was okay, none of it was a WOW for me either. I like to try new things so I did use what I bought but won't repurchase. NEXT. For reference I tried the Happy Hour Shampoo and Conditioner, the Hot Toddy Frizz Fighter, the Southern Belle Mousse and The 100 Proof treatment Oil.


One thing about this entire line, at least the things I tried, they do smell like cocktails and not in a good way. I didnt find the scents refreshing especially later in the day a few hours after use. I kept getting that queezy feeling like waking up the next day after drinking too much still partially dressed and in smeared makeup. Not the kind of flashbacks that I enjoy mid-day at the office.


As for comparison between 100 Proof and the Alterna Oil, the Alterna is definitely heavier. Use cautiously at first if you decide to try it. It's easy to overdo and then you're stuck with greasy strands all day long.


And like Janinebt said, the ingredients you're seeing are relatives of sulfates with a different chemical structure. Those listed on sulfate-free labels are much more mild then their counterparts. These won't strip your hair or over-cleanse the scalp.

Re: Drybar products

That was informative, thanks. Do you have any suggestions for really dry ends that is similar to the 100 proof oil? 

Re: Drybar products

The Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil is a really lightweight choice that absorbs very well rather than feeling like it's just sitting on top. I really like it-- for ends only. I'd never put it all over because my hair weighs down easily. Just be aware that it does have the signature Bumble and Bumble scent. I find it to be a heavy citrus scent which is a bit much for me with some B&B products but in the case of this oil you're using such a small amount that it isn't overwhelming. 




Re: Drybar products

I L-O-V-E Drybar products! I've even gotten a blowout from Drybar Smiley Happy. I've used the 100 Proof Oil and found that this was the perfect amount of product for my hair. I've used the Kendi Pure oil treatment and felt like it was too heavy for my hair, BUT they now have a mist and a micromist for ultra fine hair.

In terms of sulfate free products, although the ingredient may sound like sulfate it shouldn't strip or damage your hair if a product states that it's sulfate free.


Ones that I know are 100% sulfate free (which is important for me since I have dyed hair) are: Everything by Wen, Alterna, Deva Curl, and Living Proof. We do carry a number of brands that have some sulfate free products as well, which will be stated on the item's product page.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Drybar products

Thanks for clearing that up! I've been eyeballing an oil to target my ends specifically but haven't found anything just yet. I don't want the tousled look from a cream, just a silky smooth look. 

Re: Drybar products

You should try the new Satin Hair Serum from Living Proof for your ends!


I have fairly thin hair and it doesn't way my hair down, get too product-y or too tousled and gives it just the right amount of moisture, softness, and sleekness. ONE pump of the serum is plenty even though it won't look like much in your hands. 


..and p.s. The smell is wonderful!

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