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Drybar Medium Round Brush?

I bought the Drybar Daily Detangler Brush a while back and love it like no other brush I've owned. Trying to decide on buying the Drybar Medium Round Brush. Is it really worth the $40 or is there another round brush that is comparable? 

Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

I've never bought anything more than a drugstore brush. But my hair is ridiculously unmanageable. Its just dry and can be unhealthy looking. Is there a huge difference between the drugstore brushes and higher end brushes? I'm sorry to ask this(hope I'm not hijacking!), because I know you asked another question but I'm looking at brushes on right now and was curious before I spent the $$$...

Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

I have always had very fine hair that tangles like no body's business. The Detangler brush has helped me tremensously with my tangles like not other brush has. Don't know why this one is so different from others but it is. 

Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

Lissay I am so close to buying the detangler since you mentioned, you too have fine hair and tangles like no tomorrow. *Must put credit card back*

Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

lissay you answered your own question; the Drybar Lemon Drop Detangler brush is your love like no other; best $15 bucks you ever spent - spring for the medium round or put a Mason Pearson on your b-day or Christmas list. I have both and you could not pry the Lemon Drop from my cold dying hand! Smiley Very Happy


Beautylove, I would start with the Lemon Drop, they cost 2x as much on Amazon!

Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

I guess because I've never spent $40 on a brush I'm having doubts and needed some enabling Smiley Wink


Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

I had been debating for a while but decided to take the plunge and bought it last week =) I'm supposed to receive it tomorrow, I can't wait! Smiley Happy

Re: Drybar Medium Round Brush?

Please let me know how you like it! Smiley Happy

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