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Dry relaxed hair?

So I will be relaxing my hair pretty soon and my hair seems to be ridiculously dry since I moved here to Colorado. Does anyone know of any good treatments or deep conditioners for this type of hair? Also shampoos and whatnot for the regular routine would be most welcome!

Re: Dry relaxed hair?

I've had relaxed hair since I was a kid, and because of this I do know that your hair may get even drier once you start relaxing it--since relaxer strips our hair of natural oils and makes the hair more prone to breakage. I've found that constant moisture is key to maintaining the health and length of relaxed hair. Leave-in conditioners and non-heavy oils are great for using in between salon visits and washes. I personally like Carol's Daughter Hair Mimosa—it’s both a pomade and an intense moisturizer—because when I rub a small amount throughout my hair every other night before wrapping it, my hair stays shiny, soft, and free of frizz. Pure organic argan oil is also great because it isn’t heavy (and doesn’t make relaxed hair look greasy), adds shine, moisture, and provides nutrients to the hair with vitamin E and omega fatty acids.

Re: Dry relaxed hair?

Hi nyxpanther,


I was just talking to Diana about dry hair fixes! My favorite masks are from Wen and Alterna! What I'll usually do is slather the mask all over my hair, especially the ends, when it's a little damp. I'll then wrap a pillow in a fresh towel and catch some Zzzz's for the night. In the morning I'll rinse and be left with softer hair!


Masks are a life saver in changing climates, I took the Wen one with me to Hawaii and did treatments every other night.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Dry relaxed hair?

If you're relaxing your hair, I can venture you are curly or wavy girl ? I'm super curly and dry and damaged and I color and frizzy. The best masque  I have found us the Wen masque. It's expensive though. If it's not in you budget (it's not always in mine) there are other super great products.


I make my own fair masque from time to time. Well kinda a masque.


I soak my hair in the richest cream I can find. If you can't find a good cream you use plain yogurt. Mix crushed avocados if you can find them, if not, no big deal.


I let it sit 15 minutes or so and rinse really well in the shower. Use a non sulfate shampoo to wash you hair.


Then  I use Aussie Moist conditioner, I put a little cocoa oil, and mix it really good. I let it sit on my hair another 15 minutes or and rinse. 


Then use any leave in conditioner you would typically use. 


It's also important to use hot hot water to open your hair shafts and in the final rinse water as cold as you can stand to seal them up again. You can also rinse with a mixture of cold water and  vinegar to give your hair shine.


Beer is also a good treatment for dry hair.


Mayonnaise works good also in place of yogurt but I can't seem to bring my self to dump mayo on my head. 😕


I apologize for typos, my kindle has a teeny keyboard and I have clumsy fingers.


Oh, I forgot! Aussie has a really good deep treatment called 4 minute deeeeep miracle. It's pretty affordable. I usually end up using 2 bottles but my hair comes to my waist and is super thick so I don't mess with it too much but unless you have outta control hair like me, it's worth a shot! It really does make a difference.

Re: Dry relaxed hair?

Recommendation: "olive & avocado deep conditioning masque for hair by earthscience"


This is a really cheap hair masque, I bought it from amazon before on a whim and its AWESOME. The second I put it in my hair my strands felt like silk. Best. purchase. ever. ever. ever. ....ever. 😛

There's also two leave in treatments I've never used , I've just known of them from Amazon reviews. One is called "Its a Miracle!" (I think) and the other is a brand called CHI. The word is out for these two products for being useful for dry hair types and are very popular.


Re: Dry relaxed hair?

Use argan oil products, can't get more moisturizing than that! I personally recommend the pro naturals hair repair system, it's a kit with shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and hair oil. I have dry hair too and this stuff is fantastic.

Re: Dry relaxed hair?

I checked them out. Its says it's for curly hair though. What I'm looking for should help keep my hair straight and frizz-free

Re: Dry relaxed hair?

Deva Shampoos (no poos and low poos), search them and see :).


Also - in terms of treatments, I have been using a few at-home treatments that I love.


1. Can of coconut milk.  Shake throughly, open can, pour on hair, massage in, let sit as long as possible (or overnight if you are really ambitious), then rinse or shampoo out.


2. Cold water rinse with one tablespoon apple cider vinegar, a few drops of your favorite silicone-free oil (I use jojoba oil), as a leave in conditioner.  Shake in a bottle then pour over hair as a final rinse after your regular routine.


3.  Mayo [but ONLY the real thing, I use safflower may from health food store, it's way cheaper than hair products anyway] - the combo of egg proteins, fats, vinegar/acid, and moisture (water) are just right for an intensive treatment.


Good luck!


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