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Dry highlighted hair

I get balayage and my hair is long dry! I use Kérastase the óleo relax oil and the nutri (white bottle) thermo cream. I feel like my hair is still dry and coarse ! It’s super frizzy and poofy. Any advice on products ? Shampoo? Conditioner ? Treatments?

Re: Dry highlighted hair


Did they use a toner on you? This helps to close the cuticle. Dhpue's is pretty good and does remedy brasiness. This may be your problem. So Wow color sealant or a similar product to seal your cuticle might help. I myself am not crazy about glosses tho. I also like treatments like Olaplex Bond Repair No3 and Rita Hazan's 2 step treatment process meant to close up the cuticle. I have ruined my hair and lost half due to too much chemical processing. But I've given it some TLC and it's recovering amazingly fast! I have started using just a luke warm water to cleanse and after conditioning I rinse with cool water. I also do a lot of masks, occasionally with protein, leave-in conditioners. So I hope this helps a bit!

Re: Dry highlighted hair

@ninab22 maybe try a treatment masque for color and moisture. I love Oribe Moisture Masque but other brands have their own hair masks.  Also you can find great shampoos and conditioners at Ulta like Pureology and Alterna that is targeted for colored hair or moisture control and frizz. I like using a hair oil and and hair serum like John Frieda frizz ease extra strength to help tame frizzy hair after I wash my hair. Plus try not to wash your hair everyday as it strips your hair of its natural oils. I like to wash my hair 3-4 times a week. 

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