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Dry Shampoo for African-American hair?

Can dry shampoo be used on African-American hair? I'm interested in trying a dry shampoo out but I'm not sure that they are formulated for my hair type. I have thick, coarse hair that is chemically relaxed and I don't wash it everyday. Any suggestions?

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Re: Dry Shampoo for African-American hair?

A new product on the market is Coilies Leave-in shampoo - it's a cream-based (mousse) dry shampoo for dry scalp care specially formulated with black hair in mind. It also has natural tea tree oil to help control itch

Re: Dry Shampoo for African-American hair?

I make my own for my dark brown hair. I use 1 part cornstarch to 1/2 part cocoa powder. The cocoa powder that has nothing but cocoa obviously lol. The cornstarch helps to keep my hair from getting oily and the cocoa powder helps to blend with my hair. Of course you use this lightly but it works great! Hth good luck!

Re: Dry Shampoo for African-American hair?

I might be able to answer your question more directly. None of the above products will work on your hair. Most of them are either too powdery, leaving a white residue or contain water. If your hair is relaxed or in a press n curl, there is nothing on the market I'm aware of that will satisfy you. If your hair is natural or in braids, I suggest organic root stimulator herbal cleanse. It will refresh your scalp and extend your style without washing.

Created for restyle, Oscar Blandi Proteine di Jasmine is...

Created for restyle, Oscar Blandi Proteine di Jasmine is a protein mist for refreshing your look the next day. Infused with soy and wheat proteins, this styling aid seals the cuticle. This allows hair to withstand the heat and abuse we subject our hair when using a flat/curling iron or blow dryer so that we can achieve the same look from the initial style.  You can find it at:

Most dry shampoos just make my hair look dry, white and flaky so the product I mentioned above may be more what you need.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

Dry shampoo is mainy to freshen up and is not a substitut...

Dry shampoo is mainy to freshen up and is not a substitute for a full proper hair wash.  It is mainly geared to tame the grease in the hair and make it look acceptable until the wash.  It is great for emergencies..( even sometimes bed-ridden people who cannot wash their hair on a regular basis...  traveling etc..  )  You have to be careful though, most dry shampoos leave a dry powder residue (which is the cleaning ingredient)... not a good look if you have dark hair. 

The previous poster has a great suggestion, but if you want to give the regular dry shampoo a try, a good one is by Ojon or Oscar Blandi - they do not leave the white powder residue. 

Best of luck

Smiley Happy 

Hi there, most dry shampoos are formulated for oily hair....

Hi there, most dry shampoos are formulated for oily hair. They have clays that are designed to absorb the oil, making hair look less limp and greasy. For curly/dry hair, tresemme has a dry shampoo that is in mousse form that is supposed to add moisture and revive curls. I think that if you use either on relaxed hair, you won't be happy with the results. I wasn't happy when I did. It ended up looking like grey dust on my hair and it dried it out. That was with Ojon dry shampoo formulated for "all hair types."  I've never tried the mousse kind, but if you are wearing your hair straight, my guess is that it will make it frizz/revert. If you are wearing it curly/texturized it might be ok, but then you could probably refresh your curls with a water spritz just as easily. You'd probably be better off oiling your hair and wrapping it up at night to keep it frizz free and moisturized.

Hope that helps!


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