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Dry Hair

1st of all, what is a good trick for dry hair?

2nd of all, what is the best drug-store shampoo/conditioner product for dry hair?

Thanks! 🙂


Re: Dry Hair

1.  Don't dry your hair unless you have to.  If you must, use heat protectant and wait until your hair is just damp and use the lowest setting.


2.  Definitely wash max 3 times per week.  You can use conditioner on the days you feel it's dry or dampen it and use a leave in conditioner.  Use a clarifying shampoo weekly.  A good homemade white vinegar rinse will do if you are on a budget.  Hair masks are great and I use them weekly and put a shower cap on while its soaking in my hair, working it's magic.


3.  Shampoo the roots only and massage with the pads of your fingers.  When you rinse, the shampoo will cleanse the rest of your hair enough not to damage it. Before you condition, wring out your hair.  Don't be rough with it, but gently get out as much water as you can.  When you condtion, do the opposite and divide your hair in 2 our 3 sections making sure you are getting all your strands coated.  You can use a wide tooth comb or wetbrush to distribute it evenly.  Leave it in while your washing your body or shaving your legs. Try using shampoos that are silicone and paraben free, but every once on awhile silicone are good for your hair.


4.  Use a microfiber towel or cotton t-shirt to dry your hair but never a regular bath towel.


5.  Buy a shower filter to filter out the hard water.  And make sure you wet your hair really good before you shampoo.


Abbey Yung has some great tutorials on how to properly wash and condition.

Amika hair products are amazing and I know they are having a huge sale on their gifts sets right now.  Amika The Kure Shampoo and conditioner and hair mask are amazing.  You can take their hair quiz at and it will give you the best products for your hair.  Pureology shampoo and conditioner are also great. The blue bottle is the most hydrating. For store brand, Not Your Mother's has some great shampoos and condotioners and Shea Moisture does as well.  You can get them both it Target.  Shea moisture has really decent hair masks as well.  Anything with keratin is good for dryness.   If you want to try a professional brand, buy the mini sized bottles so you can make sure you like it.  I know Amika has a gift set called the Signature Healthy hair set, which has a bunch of sample sized products.  I believe it's 30% off right now with free shipping.  They also let you choose free samples (I think 2 or 3).  I believe you can use either Afterpay or Klarna with them so you can pay your total in 4 equal payments.


I hope this helps.  Good luck.



Try using a no-poo or a low-poo shampoo.  This is one tha...

Try using a no-poo or a low-poo shampoo.  This is one that has little to no sulfates.  There are some drug store brands that do have little sulfates.  As for which brands they are, you would hjave to research.  As for conditioning, it should be done every day followed by a deep condition once a week.  Also, if you are having problems with you hair getting yucky with too much oil, do the baking soda trick.  Take a teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of warm water, mix, and pour it on your head.  Then you let it sit for a bit before rinsing it out.  It cleans your hair but it isn't as harsh as some shampoos.

A surprising Shampoo and Conditioner I came accross in a...

A surprising Shampoo and Conditioner I came accross in a drug store is Loreal's Everpure collection. I normall pay up to 3 times as much for Shampoo and Conditioner but am on a tight budget and thought I'd give it a try. It made my hair really soft and I've had more volume than I've ever had when using this. It has no sulfates in it, and I think that helps to not strip the hair. They have a colorsafe one if your hair is colored and a regualr formula if not. I've used Ojon and it was okay, but too pricey and the results I get with Loreal are very similar.


I also use Argan oil on my ends. 🙂

HI Cashton-   I also have dry hair and mine is rather lon...

HI Cashton-


I also have dry hair and mine is rather long. I totally agree with not washing it every day; in fact I only wash mine once every 5-7 days.  I also get a deep conditioning treatment at the local chain hairdressers (Holiday Hair here - I found that not only are they cheap but the manager at mine is very talented and I'm used to excellent) once every 4-6 weeks.  And I get it trimmed regularly.  I can''t advise you on store bought items, I'm sorry.  Good luck!

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is a great product that o...

Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment is a great product that only needs to be used once a week to repair extremely dry, damaged hair.  After just one treatment it dramatically helps repair damaged hair and increases strength against breakage.  It's a must-have for lifeless, dull, brittle, frizzy, flyaway or unmanageable hair, this product restores health to even the most deeply damaged hair.  You can find it here:

As for drugstore shampoos and conditioners, I would recommend trying Infusium 23 Shampoo and Conditioner.  It comes in several different varieties for different hair types and I think you would benefit most from Infusium 23 "Repair and Renew" Shampoo and Conditioner.  By the way, Infusium 23 has a lovely fragrance, too.

Good luck and I hope this helps you.  🙂

The best way I know of to hydrate dried out hair is to us...

The best way I know of to hydrate dried out hair is to use an intense treatment, like a repair masque twice a week. My favorite is Macadamia Natural Oil "Deep Repair Masque."  It's a hydrating hair reconstructor that will penetrate and rebuild dry and damaged hair for improved shine and elasticity. Twice a week after shampooing, apply this generously to coat every strand of hair and leave it in for at least seven minutes. Then rinse as usual and let your hair air-dry (with dry hair, you want to avoid blow-drying if you can.) After using this product your hair will be noticeably softer and shinier. You can also use a hydrating treatment after your shower. I love Macadamia Natural Oil "Healing Oil Treatment." This is a lightweight therapeutic oil perfect for all hair types and is especially beneficial to dry, damaged hair. Once out of the shower, smooth a little of this into damp hair. It reduces dryness in hair by 40-50% and nourishes hair so it's softer and noticeably shinier. Sephora doesn't sell these products, but you can buy them online at Ulta Beauty.


As for the best drugstore shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, I think John Frieda "Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo" and John Frieda "Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Conditioner" work the best. I don't really have a problem with frizz, but I still use these because they're ideal for locking in moisture if you have dry hair. These protect hair from environmental damage and they also have olive oil to give you extra shine. You can find this shampoo and conditioner at the drugstore. Though I thought I should tell you that you might be able to save more money if you buy it online at Ulta Beauty because right now Ulta is having a sale on John Frieda products: buy one, get one 50% off. I hope all of this helps you! Smiley Happy

Tricks for dealing with dry hair:   don't wash your hair...

Tricks for dealing with dry hair:


  1. don't wash your hair every day
  2. only wash the roots
  3. use leave-in conditioners

Smiley Wink

also, I cannot say i enough, but for dry hair tips: wash...

also, I cannot say i enough, but for dry hair tips: wash the roots, if it is a rinde-out conditioner then put conditioner on the ends and comb through and rinse the conditioner out with cool water.

Re: Tricks for dealing with dry hair:   don't wash your hair...

If you can get a moisturizing shampoo by joico, back to basics, biolage, or abba in the drug store ... they are my favourite shampoos for dry hair.

Re: Tricks for dealing with dry hair:   don't wash your hair...

I would try not washing my hair and just using conditioner, but sometimes its unavoidable so i would wash with very little shampoo
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