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Dry, Grey Hair

I live in northern new mexico and we have no humidity here. Besides that we are at 8600 ft elevation, so we are closer to the sun. Between the two, my short grey hair is dry and in winter even worse. It is starting to feel like straw.  I do not color my hair. What do you remommend?

Re: Dry, Grey Hair

Grey hair the majority of the time is heriditary and just passed on from generation to generation and there's usually nothing else greater than genetics it's factored from.

Re: Dry, Grey Hair

Gray hair is hair that is lacking in melanin and keratin. Melanin is what gives color to hair strands and when hair starts the process of graying, folicles are no longer passed through and containing melanin or keratin, this leaves strands to grow out in shades of gray and white while also having a more brittle or wiry texture.


As your hair is short, try to avoid blunt styles or cuts, this will only emphasize the texture of your dry hair more, instead, try cuts that razor the ends or add more texture with layers to prevent hair from looking stiff.


Use hydrating product lines and use deep conditioning treatments weekly.


Ingredients like shea butter, sweet almond oil, argan oil, morrocan oil, macadamia oil, avocado oil, honey, olive oil, and apricot oil all help to intensely hydrate hair.


Check out brands like Redken's Real Control and All Soft line, Joico K-Pak (rich in keratin), Frederik Fekkai (has a great shea butter conditioner), and my personal fave It's a 10, which is great leave in, deep conditioners (their mask in a tub is a life saver), and even products infused with keratin!

Re: Dry, Grey Hair

I agree with melissabt! 

Re: Dry, Grey Hair

Hi Beadlady! I'm in in northern new mexico too. Have you tried any of the Moroccan Oil hair products for dry/dramaged hair? I too, do not dye my hair either. Sometimes I will do the Neutrogena Deep Conditioning Hair Mask when I've spent too much time out at Ski Santa Fe Smiley Wink 

Re: Dry, Grey Hair

Hi Beadlady60-


Have you ever tried the Alterna Bamboo UV line? It is formulated to protect hair while intensely adding hydration to your hair.


Bamboo™ UV+ Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque

ALTERNA - Bamboo™ UV+ Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque

ALTERNA - Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Vibrant Color Conditioner

ALTERNA - Bamboo UV+ Color Protection Vibrant Color Shampoo

ALTERNA - Bamboo Color Care UV+ Fade-Proof Fluide

<3 Melissa

Re: Dry, Grey Hair

Even though Sephora doesn't sell this I can give you the recommendation of Keratase substanif shampoo and conditioner. It is more expensive but so worth the money and you can research it at  Hope this helps!

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