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.Does conditioner expire or go bad?

I use Terax conditioner, and since it comes up for sale on HauteLook at half price occasionally, I tend to stock up. Will it ever "go bad" or start growing something gross, or will it stay fresh as long as I keep the bottles closed until I need them?

Re: .Does conditioner expire or go bad?

Thanks calcutta! I'm not too worried about being sold expired product, but rather what happens when I'm using the last bottle in my stash that I bought a year or 18 months earlier. I hate to pay full price ($50) for it when I can get it for $25 during one of these flash sales, but then it does just sit in my linen closet for awhile. There is an additional seal at the top under the bottle cap, though, which probably helps keep it stable and bacteria-free until opened.

Re: .Does conditioner expire or go bad?

The product should be fine, but I'd still check with the batch number to find out when the potential expiry is. Products do go bad after a while, even if they are sealed.

Re: .Does conditioner expire or go bad?

If you google it, you can find if the product is expired with the batch number, if you suspect you've been sold expired merchandise. But, if you keep it closed, it should be fine.


Is there a seal on the bottle opening too?

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