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Do you think professional/salon shampoos and conditioners are actually worth it?

Hello all!


I have been using drugstore shampoo/conditioners, nothing expensive or too fancy for pretty much my whole life. I have tried more expensive shampoos/conditioners but have never seen a significant change in my hair to fork over the extra money. It's funny because I spend a lot on styling products, but cringe for some reason over the high prices of salon shampoos! I think it's just because I want to make sure they actually do something for me. Do you all think that the higher end shampoo and conditioners are actually worth it? If so what do you like? Or what do you like from drugstores?


I have very thick, wavy, blonde hair that I wash 2-3 a week. Would love any recommendations!

Re: Do you think professional/salon shampoos and conditioners are actually worth it?

When it comes to shampoo and conditioner, the ingredient list takes priority over the brand.


If I see sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate, I put down the bottle immediately. Unfortunately, many drug store shampoos contain this harsh surfactant that wrecks my hair, but I do use a drugstore clarifying shampoo once or twice a week that is sulphate free and prepares my hair well for a moisturizing hair mask.


I also look for plant-based oils or blends that are beneficial to hair rather than just adding a layer of silicones to make hair FEEL silky.


I am currently using a Stemm shampoo and Alterna's Caviar anti-aging conditioner. This combo really works for me. I've been using the Alterna for a few years now, and probably on my 3 large pump bottle (one bottle lasts me a good part of the year).

Re: Do you think professional/salon shampoos and conditioners are actually worth it?



I agree with @k617 below.


I use only Sulphate free products on hair.  I do use a drugstore brand, but it is sulphate free and very good.  A lot of the other ones I rotate are salon brand.  But the ingredients (or lack thereof) is key.


Re: Do you think professional/salon shampoos and conditioners are actually worth it?

I've done a number on my hair going from ashy blonde to pink to blonde to purple/pink fade and now I'm back to ashy blonde again.


Prior to the dye jobs, I'd flip flip different OGX brand shampoo/conditioners and they worked just fine. I then switched to Lush shampoo/conditioner and it was definitely a step up from OGX (it could also be I finally switched it up as my hair may have gotten used to OGX.) 


After the dyeing, I've only used salon brands my stylist has used on me to stay consistent with bringing my hair back from the last unicorn hair impulse decision. Every few washes I use Fanola No-Yellow purple shampoo to de-brass my color and Fanola conditioner. Otherwise, I use the Brazilian Bond Builder shampoo/conditioner line and my hair bounces back from salon visits like they never happened. Highly recommend both brands if anyone's looking for a strong purple shampoo or a strengthening/softening combo.

Re: Do you think professional/salon shampoos and conditioners are actually worth it?

Hey there!  I may be a little biased but I've (almost) always used salon shampoos/conditioners.  Back when I was younger, my mother would buy Aussie (when she first started doing hair, Aussie was a salon brand!) but as I started colouring my hair we started bringing in the good brands.


My hair type would best be described as dry, fine color treated hair.  

Back when I was thirteen (I'm 24 now), I started using Redken All Soft which my hair likes the most. I typically only have to buy a liter every six months, and if I can get it at cost, it's only about $20.  If I'm in a pinch and can't wait for someone to make it out to a supply store, I'm spending $30. 

I've also had awesome success with Bumble & Bumble Coco Creme shampoo but that one is more expensive so I tend to stray.  Due to the fact I have a lot of blonde in my hair, I keep a purple shampoo on hand.  I like the Drybar Blonde Ale shampoo, which is so purple it stains my hands if I don't rinse it off right away.  That shampoo has saved me a trip back to the salon after my friend had toned my hair an awful blue/green shade to combat the brassyness.

My hair is SO dry, I don't use a regular conditioner.  I use the Macadamia Oil hair mask,which I can buy at Shoppers Drug Mart.  They have an awesome rewards program so that $30 price tag doesn't put me off, I can pick up something else from their more luxury section (like a clarasonic brush head or something more fun from the makeup world) and get at least $20 in points.   

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