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DevaCurl Shine Spray: Anyone Tried It?

Just noticed this product on Sephora, and noticed it's new to the internet as well!:

It's a no-hold, water-based, silicone-free shine spray that promises both shine and humidity protection. This sounds perfect for me, but given its ingredient list, which mainly seems to rely on oils for shine, I wonder if the oil products I already use on my hair after I wash, and throughout the week to rejuvenate, will be just fine.

I also try to stay away from these kinds of products because I feel they'll weigh down my hair and just make me have to wash my hair more often (as other curly girls know, we generally try to minimize the frequency with which we have to wash our hair, if we can). 

But if anyone reports that this product works way better for shine than anything else in their arsenal, I may give it a go!

Re: DevaCurl Shine Spray: Anyone Tried It?

Hmm, the first ingredient is SD alcohol, which is a drying alcohol (and one of the ingredients that Lorraine Massey advises that curly girls avoid).  I understand the necessity of SD alcohol in products like hairspray, where the product needs to designed to evaporate quickly, or in a dry shampoo, where you're specifically looking for a drying effect of sorts on greasy roots.  But I'm not sure I would use a non-essential styling product with a high concentration of a drying alcohol.  I find that a very small amount of Deva Mirror Curls is enough to do the trick for extra shine.  And as Lovebird posted, I feel like my hair already has lots of shine just from following the Curly Girl method- no extra products needed.

Re: DevaCurl Shine Spray: Anyone Tried It?

I love this topic----I noticed this product yesterday and was tempted to buy it. The curiosity is killing me! I love all of the DevaCurl hair care products and I've never had a complaint. Part of me feels like the DevaCurl hair care method adds so much natural shine and health that I can't imagine the spray is necessary. If I do end up getting it I will let you know how it goes.

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