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Deployed In Afghanistan!

I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan. The water here is extremely hard on my hair and skin. The water has high levels of chlorine, making my hair extremely dry and brittle. My hair is extremely thick and long. Also, my skin is taking a beating from having my body armour on for long periods of time. I'm breaking out from stress and sweat sitting on my skin. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for all your help.

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

I would try Cocount oil! It is awesome for the hair. I use the its a 10 mask and the Coconut oil together, leave it on as long as you can (a few hours if possible) then wash and take care of your hair like normal. Coconut oil is also really good for your skin. Good luck, and thanks for your service!

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

I don't have any useful advice here, but I did want to thank you for your brave service. Smiley Happy

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

I also don't have anything useful to say, just thanks for everything you do for us! 

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

seriously; take your kotex, panty liners of any shape, pads as sweat pads as needed, thinner panty kotex for under bigger creases/chest area... for your headwear/helmet the adhesive of pads will stick to the inside following the inside curve of it and absorb the moisture thru your hair/scalp area... use your imagination and see anything as a tool and opportunity to help you... you know certain pads hold certain amount of moisture and job the best fit....seriously many males over there have actually paid well/bartered for pads! at that source you may find your tinactin spray...see?


seek the knowledge and share it to make a difference if you can...oh yeah people will snicker at first but when you have the knowledge and apply it, things will know everyone is sweating their "___" off over there and would want better ways to deal with sweating to death...and dealing with the camel spiders...


don't let your sweat cultivate bacteria/fungus/acne in body creases, use tinactin antifungal spray with that special powder in it, or the ladys monkey butt powder, gold bond, absorbine jr, corn starch, etc...wash, reapply on schedule...remember some powders do chaff even in sweat.


think about the baby wipes you are using-ingredients and what they do, do they have oil?

take care of your armor correctly daily airing/scheduled washing/what will "time it out" to avoid that...research that.

How will you feed your skin; inside and out? general maintenance and up keep just like your body armors- different equipment is for different things you ask it to do...right? How will you apply the knowledge to help you?

Would you be willing to cut your hair? even just half? and thin it out, keep the length? hair will always grow back, for the hair shampoo, maybe dry shampoo?


Most important, maintain your head, heart and spirit too, know that YOU are truly valued and appreciated by many. We are thankful for you.

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

Hey Girl! 

I grew up in Arabia...ugh the climate and "hard water" are horrible. I found a brand called VMV hypoallergenics. They have a killer body wash and shampoo in one, it strip the junk out of your hair and leaves it baby soft. A little goes a long ways. It also is a great gentle yet effective face and body wash that kills the bacteria that causes acne. Same brand also has an anti-perspirant spray that lasts for a long time and anywhere you spray it, it stops the sweat dripping.


They have great toners and high powered sunscreen..I shop for this brand at Dermstore....most products are very affordable. I will never go without the anti perspirant or body and hair wash ever! Then I use a leave in conditioner and my best luck there has been Alterna..just tried the new 10 in 1 CC hair cream and it is super soft, conditioning, sunscreen for hair with a light hold but doesn't gunk up your hair. It's a cream, none of these are hazmat or in spray cans.


When I lived overseas I would leave conditioner in my hair all day and keep it healthy then rinse it out at night. 


The anti perspirant works in your hairline, chest, when you have a situation that sweat gets in the way of functioning in the humidity, it will stop the dripping!


VMV hypoallergenics is all made for sensitive acne prone skin. Eat a Schwarma for me over there please! I miss camels too!


Thanks for your service. If you want help or a care package email me I have extra samples...


Ouidad heat and humidity gel is styles and enhances natural curl or waves but your hair stays soft.....


I think you could find items to address most of your problems with the VMV brand. Wish Sephora would carry it!


My hair is long and thick too..I whacked a little off over there because it was so hard to deal with and damaged..if you have damaged hair..I know you love your locks, but you'll have to cut it back to the healthy hair. It kills me to cut my hair but try flipping your head upside down and twisting it into a ponytail by twisting then maybe cut a couple inches off and see if getting the dry damaged ends off make it more manageable. It will grow back, but if you can't keep something conditoning in it all day, it likely will's just so miserable over there. Even texturizing and thinning your hair may cool you off a bit.


Body armour and sweat don't mix..try a wicking bra and t-shirt underneath?


I ended up covering my hair not only to respect the religion and keep from getting caned in a back alley but to protect my hair. They have incredibly beautiful head coverings for women..check out a local shop and remember everything is about bartering there!



Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

I am in the military as well and also love pampering myself! Order yourself a good leave in conditioner and hair oil. I recommend "It's a Miracle 10 Leave in conditioner" and Moroccan Oil. It will heal your hair in no time. As far as your skin, my boyfriend is deployed also and I always send him these cucumber face wipes. He really loves them which is surprising haha. I recommend the bliss fabulous foaming face wash. It slightly exfoliates but doesn't irritate the skin and can help with the acne. My skin always breaks out in military training for some reason and its just because us girls get our hormones all messed up. I think for the acne breakouts I would use tea tree oil. I get mine from the Body Shop. ITs natural and always helps clear my skin up!

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

we thank you for your service and helping our country Smiley Happy

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

club soda stops the damage of chlorine,  you could try a facial mist like  Earth Science Herbal Tonic Mist to cool and sooth dry skin. and maybe a some scented anti bacterial wipes for the body.   Hope this helps and THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE!!! <3 oxoxoxox

Re: Deployed In Afghanistan!

When I was deployed, I carried different types of wipes with me so that I could quickly just clean myself while on mission.  But other than that, there really wasn't too much I could do to prevent the sweating, especially from my gear!  A good clarifying shampoo should also help!  Browse some of the wipes and shampoos.  I like the way my face feels after cleaning with Boscia cleansers.  I never gave them a chance until recently because I felt that more natural products were wimpy, but this one really makes me feel like I got the dirt off.  Also, I ordered a Clarisonic when I was down range to really make my skin feel clean.  After an 18 hour mission, all I wanted was to feel clean again!

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