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Damaged hair





 hi! So the past year my hair has been getting really damaged. As you can see, it’s has A LOT of split ends. I try to cut them off myself but they come back immediately. If I lightly pull on a strand of hair, it immediately breaks off. I don’t know what to do.  

I do so much to try to protect my hair. I wear a silk bonnet every night, I don’t brush it as often except for once in the morning, sometimes before I go to bed. I use heat protectant, hair oil, and everything but it’s worse than ever. I think it may be from the conditioner I use. I’ve been using olaplex conditioner for a year and my hairs been getting a lot worse but I’m not 100% sure. Someone who’s dealt with this before send help!!❤️

Re: Damaged hair

Hi 🙂 how often do you wash your hair? I had similar issues and could not grow my hair due to breakage and dry ends. Be careful to not overuse any proteins in your hair as it can make it extra brittle. Maybe once a week at most. I switched from olaplex to K18 molecular treatment leave in. I use no more than once a week and don’t use conditioner before applying. Read and follow directions, it really is a game changer. Plus, I rarely use heat to style and only at 370 if i do, otherwise I’m fried. I also find the milk protein in the milkshake products to be really softening. I switch up my products and only wash my hair twice a week. I will wet my sides and length and apply conditioner and rinse off while in shower, unless using the K18 after. Good luck! 

Re: Damaged hair


Olaplex conditioner is not your problem, conditioner cannot cause split ends even if your purchase your conditioner at a second hand store. 
That is heat damage. When in your routine are you applying heat protection? When are you applying oil? How often are you heat styling? What temperature are you setting your tool to? 

Re: Damaged hair

no I don’t use any other heat besides the blow dryer. Maybe on occasion a curling iron but that’s like once every 3 months or something 

Re: Damaged hair

I apply heat protectant after I shower. I fully dab my hair with a towel and then put the product in. I then put it up in a towel for a bit until it’s mostly dry and put olaplex oil in it. then use my blow dryer on the lowest heat and blow dry it

Re: Damaged hair


Is this the only point in your routine heat is on your hair? No restyling the next day? 

Re: Damaged hair

@jennnn123 using Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo and All Soft Heavy Cream have been game changers for me.  Good luck.  Let us know how it goes.

Re: Damaged hair

I’ve had the same problem for awhile now, and one thing that helped me is the shea moisture strengthen and repair mask, I got it at target for $12 

Re: Damaged hair

@jennnn123 I would switch to something really moisturizing. My favorite right now is the Kerastase Genesis line. Kérastase Genesis Strengthening Shampoo for Normal to Dry Hair 250 mL/ 8.5 oz Kérastase Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Conditioner The Amika products are good, too. amika Soulfood Nourishing Hair Mask 16 oz/ 500 mL 

Re: Damaged hair

@jennnn123 I'm not a hair expert but overusing Olaplex can potentially be problematic.  Olaplex itself is a good product but you CAN go overboard with it.  I actually had that problem; I was literally using it daily for a few months straight and while in the beginning it made my hair feel soft and clean it ended up making my hair feel really dry and brittle over an extended period of time.  I've purposely taken a step back from using it and I'm trying to use more moisturizing and hydrating shampoos and conditioners for now.  That's not to say that I won't ever use Olaplex again because I DID like it for a long time but now I know that I need to use other products as well to balance everything out.

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