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Curly Hair

I use to have really curly beautiful hair...but as a result of putting a bunch of things in my hair, it is now...well not sure what it is anymore.  Any suggestions?

Re: Curly Hair

I'm wondering if you might have too much product building up in your hair. This can cause hair to look dull and weigh it down. Do you occasionally use a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the build-up?

Re: Curly Hair

No, right now I am using Keranique

Re: Curly Hair

Here is some good advice for you.  Dont try to change your hairs natural texture.  You need to embrace it therefore you will cause less trauma and  damage to your hair.  Please check out   Sorry Sephora but I needed to give this fellow curly head some guidance with this one.

Re: Curly Hair

Yikes sorry to hear that Yanubba! Are you using products specifically designed for curly hair? If not I'd recommend really just sticking to things that are geared towards healthy curls. Both Carol's Daughter and Living Proof have a number of products that cater to minimizing frizz as well as defining curls.


Also make sure that you are using a hair mask at least once a week or every other week to really help restore moisture to your tresses, which can get dehydrated due to curl patterns.


My favorite hair mask is Alterna's Bamboo Sooth Moisture Mask. It smells fantastic and is like giving your hair a huge glass of water Smiley Happy. It works for all hair types and is sulfate free so it won't damage color treated locks.



Whimsically yours,

Re: Curly Hair



I know you said once a week on the Alterna's Bamboo Sooth Moisture Mask, but what do you think about more than that a week?

Re: Curly Hair

Depending on the dryness or damage of your hair, you can most definitely use the mask multiple times a week. I have heavy highlighted hair right now, I like using masks 2-3x a week!

<3 Melissa

Re: Curly Hair

Thanks! Will do! 

Re: Curly Hair

Are you looking for styles, products to use, care techniques?

Re: Curly Hair

I don't even know....I would imagine products. Styles - Well I try to keep it simple and not put my hair through too much anymore. As for Care techniques...I started to use Keranique in hopes that it will help my hair become stronger. I just hate that my hair is a big mess...not curly, not straight and even stiff at times. I have just really stressed it and as much as I use to straighten it would live my original curls back as much as psbl.

Re: Curly Hair

I posted some care techniques as well as some brands/products that are geared for curly hair you might find helpful here:



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