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Curly Hair Help!

I have naturally thick, long, curly hair (which is color treated). I do use flat irons and blow dryers just bc I have not yet found a product to work on my  hair.


It seems at first the products do justice for my curls until my hair is completely dried. That's when the frizz occurs (and sometimes my curls even drop). I would love to wear my curls out more often.


I have tried deva curl. Wasn't too fond of it. Miss Jessie's is okay along with some of Paul Mitchell's products.


Is there anything out there though that can define, hold, and tame my curls? Suggestions please... :-/



Thanks in advance!

Re: Curly Hair Help!

I use Goldwell shampoo and conditioner, bc my hair is blonde (chemically). For my curls, I currently use Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Mousse and a curly serum by him.


I will definitely try just washing with condition & the diffuser with a low setting.


Thank you so much ladies!


Re: Curly Hair Help!

Have you tried washing with conditioner? Also, check out mixed chicks leave in. Everyone's hair is different so i discovered what worked for my hair through trial and error. After loads of money and products, i finally have staples.

Re: Curly Hair Help!

To better help tame and define your curls so your styling process is easier, what shampoo/conditioner (and any deep treatments) do you use currently?


Often times starting with a good basis of a cleansing and conditioning system will help better prepare curls for easier styling.

Re: Curly Hair Help!

Thank you.


By any chance do you use a diffuse?

Re: Curly Hair Help!

At times I use a diffuser, this works too, I start at the bottom and work up using the diffuser like fingers to scrunch it and hold it in that position for a minute of so to dry. However most of the time, I let my hair airdry since the microfiber towel holds the water, so you don't end up with a wet back. Also I found a big hair clip with rubber inside, that does hold the hair up, while wet or dry.

Re: Curly Hair Help!

Deva Curl makes a specialty diffuser that looks like a hand rather than the traditional look they have to mimic the technique you mention of "fingers scrunching" hair!

Re: Curly Hair Help!

Yes they do Smiley Happy

Re: Curly Hair Help!

My hairdresser told me that if I decide to diffuse my hair to do it on the lowest heat setting possible to avoid frizz. Also I blot my hair with a paper towel to dry it.

Re: Curly Hair Help!

Ok, I have very thick, long curly hair also and once didn't know how to manage I do..


  • Don't wash your hair everyday
  • No brushes - leads to more frizz
  • I blot my hair with a microfiber towel only - found a cheap one at Bed bath and beyond - lessens frizz
  • See Ouidad's website for the shake and rake technique - even if done loosely it works
  • After products are in wet hair braid, twist, etc and pin up hair to help the hair make curls
  • Try not to disturb the natural curl pattern when washing - I rarely use a comb and if do a detangler one when conditioner is in
  • Also by touching your hair a lot leads to more frizz and dryness of hair...for some reason family friends always touch my hair - yes I'm very curly, you know this people hmph

As for products:

Ouidad does work - there's a product finder based on your hair on their website, the humidity gel tames frizz - found a trial kit within a Sephora - Ulta also has a kit

My current Shampoo/Conditioner is Paul Mitchell curls

After washing, I put in a leave in conditioner or leave in detangler product - Paul Mitchell, Redken

Pretty much everyday, I wet down hair to bring hair back to life or use a mixture of water and leave in conditioner in  a spray bottle

Bumble and Bumble hairdressers invisible oil, tames frizz, soaks in quickly, adds shine, heat protectant, can be used on wet or dry hair

and B&B curl creme



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