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I have naturally pin straight hair and no matter what product i use, the result always fails or the curls fall in  matter of hours. I would really just like some natural looking loose bachy curls. Is there a good beach salt spray or something to help? Thanks!

Hey! I have hair that sounds similar to yours and what I...

Hey! I have hair that sounds similar to yours and what I do is: after your hair is somewhat dry from getting out of the shower, take Garnier Fructis' Body Boost root booster and spritz into your hand (3 pumps for medium length hair). Nex spray enough hairspra into the gel to make it a liquid mix (I like Alberto VO5 perfect hold and Aussie Suntouched Shine). lastly, flip your head over and run the mix though, scrunching and making sure it covers everything. This gives me light beachy waves that hold all day if I spritz with hairspray lightly at the end. Hope this helps!

Hi rockandrollmann - Well here's some good news, I hope....

Hi rockandrollmann - Well here's some good news, I hope. Perms are coming back in Vogue. I've seen numerous girls getting them at my salon and there is more talk and advertising than I've seen in forever. So maybe that's something you can look into. Just because you get a perm doesn't mean you have to wear them a tight crimped "booing!!" curls. Tell your stylist what you're looking to acheive. Or if you're not comfortable with your stylist doing this or seen some scary perm heads getting out of his char, then you could ask around a bit. Not to mention what you could do with all of the styling products and  blow dryers etc.


You could call & ask salons what kinds of perms they do and what the look and maintenance will be on your hair. They mat tell you to come in for a consult and the person who' might be best for you. Whatever you do, don't tell them anything about your former stylist, just say you feel really guilty and have made it a rule to no discuss former stylists. You could also ask curly tops you see, if you like their look, if it's natural or permed and go from there. I've been asked many, many times about the color or my hair(auburn/redhead - yes, it's natural....well, for the purpose of this email ,it is, mostly.People also want to know if I have permed hair or if it's natural, whether I wear it in a tighter curl or in big looser wavy/curls.


Sometimes, if you see some of the guys or gals who work at the salon (when there are no stylists aroundi if you're @ the coulter paying or if you see them outside having a smoke break about perms. If it's after you're done you can say, you know I was going to ask or I forgot to ask....what do you think of perms, how harsh are they, and this might open up a conversation to where the guy or gal you're talking to say, :yes the person doing your hair does amazing work' or 'you didn't hear this from me, but don't let your stylist be the one to do it' If this happens, you need to crazy glue your lips shut and never divulge this info (except to us, of course) You could even reach into your bag and offer a tip in thanks for being so honest. Then just see where things go from there.


Looking forward to hearing others response. Best of luck, hope you'll tell us how this goes.

Re: Hi rockandrollmann - Well here's some good news, I hope....

Are perms making a comeback? I remember sporting many a perm in the 80's and early 90's. My hair still hasn't recovered, lol.

Re: Hi rockandrollmann - Well here's some good news, I hope....

I've noticed that too! I wonder if they've gotten more natural looking than my middle school disaster lol I still remember that smell. Yuck!
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