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Post in Best Hair Ever

Curling help! My hair is like.. Curl proof. O___O

I can't get my hair to curl. I have literally tried EVERYTHING. I've tried:


- small barrel irons (1 inch and smaller) in both ceramic and metal

- large barrel (I think the largest I've tried is 3 inchs) again in ceramic AND metal

- my Paul Mitchell 1 inch ceramic flat iron which I KNOW is capable of creating gorgeous curls (my friend does it to her hair with my iron all the time)


Doesn't seem to matter what products I use, or how many days after I wash my hair I try. I just simply can't get curls. Last time I saw my stylist, I asked her for tips on how to curl my hair. She said it should be easy to do, just wrap my hair around the flat iron, twist, and pull down to create spirals. Doesn't work. I can usually get a single curl on either side of my head right at the very back, but after that (with the exact same motion) I get nothing. It's just straight. Not even a wave.


My hair is processed to be almost platinum blonde, and is very long (hits the middle of my back). No extensions. I'm not sure what hair type I have because all my stylists have told me different things. All I know is I have alot of it and It can be pretty heavy (it gives me migraines sometimes).


Someone help?

Wakeboarderr's idea sound great! You can also use gel. Ho...

Wakeboarderr's idea sound great! You can also use gel. Hope it gets better!

hello! several of my friends have the same problem. i alw...

hello! several of my friends have the same problem. i always tell them to wash their hair with some kind curl-inhancing shampoo and conditioner,  and then while its wet, rub in some mousse. braid your hair while its still wet(from the shower and mousse) and go to sleep with it in numerous tight braids.  it may be a little uncomfortable at first, but you will probably get used to it in no time. but, due to the fact that you would be going to sleep with product in your hair, i recomend sleeping with some sort of cap on so you dont get the chemicals from the product on your pillowcase, and thus, on your face. also, if you find yourself with some curls, DO NOT USE A BRUSH TO UN-TANGLE IT!!! brushes KILL curls! use a wide tooth comb or your fingers if you feel that it must be combed. also, hairspray is crucial to keeping them intact all day. i like Tresemme 24 Hour Finishing Touchable Hold Hairspray, available at drugstores. best of luck!

Re: hello! several of my friends have the same problem. i alw...

I was really hoping I could find some way to get ringlets, but if those aren't possible with my hair, then the braid-style wave is just as good. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion.
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