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Curling Iron


I'm looking for a great curling iron that would quickly provide me long-lasting, not too big/not too little curls. My hair is medium-thick, it's quite elastic. They're naturally wavy but not curly.


Thank you!

Hi Chevaldefi,   I'm about to receive the T3 SinglePass W...

Hi Chevaldefi,


I'm about to receive the T3 SinglePass Whirl curling wand (item#: 1342849).  I'm not sure when it will arrive, as it was a gift to me, but it should be soon.  I was in my local Sephora (in the afternoon) and was offered to sit down for a quick demo. of the T3 curling wand.  I loved how fast the curls were created!  There is an option to change the temperature with this curling wand.  The other curling wands do not have that option.  I didn't have any hairspray added or anything and the curls stayed pretty good until I washed my hair the next morning.  My hair is more fine to medium.  It is 1.25 inches and gradually gets smaller: 3.2 cm.  I have not tested the other curlers by Amika or Sultra.  I bet you could call ahead to a local store to ask for a demo. of the wand you're interested in.  I viewed some of Sephora's video posts about Sultra curling wand.  Sometimes you can look at their hair and compare.  In the future, I plan on using hair spray once I'm done curling my hair.  When I run out of my salon brand I'll very likely buy Alterna's Anti-Humidity hairspray.  I live in the Chicago area so I need to add a little bit of something just in case the weather fluctuates.  Good luck in finding the right curling iron!

Hi,   I absolutely love the Sultra Bombshell because it'l...



I absolutely love the Sultra Bombshell because it'll give you beautiful beachy waves. You can hold it horizontal for more "s" wave affect or vertically for a more glam curl.

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