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Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Hey everyone, 


So I was wondering about all of you guys with curly or frizzy hair, what is your go to product that helps tame your hair. 


Willing to try just about anything.  Smiley Happy hair is driving me crazy lately.  I have always kept my hair much shorter than it is now, and in the grow out phase it is having a mind of its own.

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Love love love Curls Rock by Cat Walk for my styling product. Wen as my shampoo/conditioner/leave in. It took a  bit to figure out the right amount but I'm going on about 6 or so years of being a loyal fan. Smiley Happy.  Here is a pic of my hair as I know there a zillion types of curls. Smiley Happy



Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Your hair looks amazing! I have similar curls to yours and can get my hair to look like yours once every 10 times! Not sure what I do differently when it turns out good. How do you style, air dry and fingercomb the product through? How do you get the volume on top? Please be specific. Smiley Happy

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I use a brand called JessiCurl which is the same concept as DevaCurl but I find that it works better. I also like it because you can get unscented versions of the product by why do that when you can have a citrus lavender scent. The hair products are also color safe, so if you do color your hair, it helps.

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

There's 2 that I am currently loving, Pantene BB cream for hair, and DevaCurl Styling Cream.  I only use one of these at a time, not both, and I like them both so much I've purchased the full-sized product of each.

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Terax La Crema conditioner and MorocconOil curl creme (which I use for blowing my hair out straight, and it works perfectly!). They are miracle workers! Straight argan oil always seems to leave my hair greasy, no matter how little I use; I think my hair just doesn't reposed well to it.

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

100 % Pure Argan Oil ( it is sold sometimes as a skin treatment but it is a powerful oil that I only know peple who use it in their natural curly hair )


Take a palm full of the Argan oil, rub it between your hands,and start rubbing it into your damp ( not wet, just dampened ) hair from the ends of your hair working up to the roots ( you want it heavier on the ends and lighter at the roots so you do not get weigh down.


It works MIRACLES and will tame those frizzies on the first use, just don't use a blow dryer and is you do keep it on low to no heat and use a diffuser.


This works every time!  Smiley Wink

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I've got wavy hair with crazy frizzies, and while nothing I've tried has completely eliminated them, I have a couple of things that have helped.

I use an anti-frizz serum from Yes To... right out of the shower

I also love Beauty Protector's Protect & Detangle (Birchbox).  They also make an oil that's been wonderful for taming things.

 I agree with previous posters on leave-in conditioners helping out!

Finally, I've switched to an every-other day shampoo.  Every other day I do the full wash, and on off days I'll use just a bit of dry shampoo if it needs it.  My hair has behaved much better since.

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Microfiber towel will cut down dry time and frizziness, cotton will add to the frizzy. I found a cheap one at BBB, under a store brand.



Bumble and Bumble curl conscious


B&B hairdresser's invisible oil, won't sit on hair, gets absorbed quickly


Ouidad heat and humity gel - Ouidad also sells trial/travel sets with this - sets vary at Sephora and Ulta



Paul Mitchell curl shampoo and conditioner - try not to disrupt the natural curl pattern when washing


After washing I put in either a leave in detangler or leave in conditioner, also keep a spray bottle with water and leave in conditioner for the next day to revive the curls


To put product in I do a loose version of Ouidad's shake/rake technique - can be found on their direct website



Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I have frizzy curly hair AND live in florida where we have 100% humidity like 98% of the time. 


Devacurl has been doing wonders for me. I use the no poo + one condition, and them the styling cream. It leaves my curls looking smooth and nice and there's no crunchy or weird texture. highly recommend. 


I also really love Aveda's be curly line. The shampoo, conditioner and curl enhancer work great.


and coconut oil is a great weekly hair mask

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I've had good luck with Ouidad products like the Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, the leave-in conditioner, and the Moisture Lock Define and Shine Curl Styling Gel-Cream. I've tried tons of things (including No Frizz) and Ouidad has given me the best results.

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I just started getting some frizzies in the salt part of my hair. I find that running some organic cold-pressed hemp oil (Nutiva brand) through my hair seems to help. Hemp oil is a lighter weight oil and it has a very slight odor that dissipates pretty quickly. It is liquid at room temperature too. It does go bad easily so store extra (in original bottle) in the fridge. It also works well on the skin--it leaves a little glow similar to using olive oil but not heavy. Hemp oil is rated 0 for Comedogenic Rating too, so no worries about it causing breakouts. [Comedogenic ratings of oils can be found at Beneficial Botanicals site.]

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I've dealt with this problem pretty much my entire life and have tried multiple products. Mousses usually work the best for my hair as well as gels (i lighten up gel by mixing it with water - i use very little gel and add water right into the palm of my hand and then put it onto my already damp hair). I've tried creams and also higher end brands but they all pretty much react the same on my hair as the cheaper ones so I just look at ingredients and pick brands that aren't harsh. These options work good on my hair but it isn't the best option for me.


The best option I've found is one that is really cheap and natural - it is taking a small amount of coconut oil and putting that onto my damp hair. It doesn't appear greasy on me. I get the best results with this method than the mousse or gel.


Now if i'm doing a blowout then my HG product is Bumble & Bumble Straight. It does NOT leave my hair straight but does manage a nice smooth finish soft to the touch with the shape I dried it into (using my roundbrush).


Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Thanks a ton, I will have to give the coconut oil a try, the shampoo that I use has coconut oil in it. Thanks for the tip!

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I have naturally curly and frizzy hair especially on rainy or humid days 

usually, oil works great for me. I use the Caudalie divine oil, and it doesn't weigh the hair down and keeps the frizz in control 

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

Is the divine oil strongly fragranced?

Re: Crazy Frizzy Curly hair

I think it is but isn't completely sure.. because it does smell good .. 

but there are alot of other oil options out there Smiley Happy 

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