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Covid-care tips?!

While we’re all quarantined/social distancing. What are some beauty tips to sort of hit a “reset/refresh” on hair, skin, brows, lashes etc. let be honest ...other than your dog who cares what you look like right now?!

Re: Covid-care tips?!

I am in the same boat - doing lots of masks for my face and hair! My lashes seem to be enjoying the time off. Since I am not hitting the gym anymore I am also letting my hair go a little longer between washes and it seems to be looking healthier. Hopefully something good will come from this crazy situation...

Re: Covid-care tips?!

Well @mk0077 if you are going out, even for walks I highly recommend washing your hair when you get home. It is being widely discussed among the hairdresser community about how long covid19 can last in human hair. 

Re: Covid-care tips?!

@GG84 @That’s really interesting ! I did read an article about tons of paramedics shaving their beards to protect others - I guess that must be why 

Re: Covid-care tips?!

@GG84wow, that makes me glad I've been wearing a hat every time I go out!

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