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Cooling down curling wand

Ladies and Gents, I just got my first curling wand today and it works like a charm, but now I have a minor issue..


Once I am done with my curling wand, I turn it off, but what do I do while it is cooling down??


I feel so silly to ask, but I am afraid that it will burn and crack my fake marble counter top of my bathroom sink, and ruin my toilet seat and burn my bedding!

Re: Cooling down curling wand

Oh, and Folica has these great little heat-resistant/non-flammable pouches designed for stowing, protecting, and cooling heat tools - I got a bunch for free when I ordered a flat iron and curling iron, but I think they're under $10 to purchase separately.

Re: Cooling down curling wand

If you don't have a special bag that came with the tool that say you can use it while the tool is still hot I wouldn't put it on a towel.  Most towel fabrics aren't heat resistant & could catch fire with an iron that hot.



  I've also seen pads that you can set clothes irons on that might work but I've never tried them.


I personally use a tall heat resistant vase to put my curling iron in when it's hot. I do turn it off & unplug it before putting it in the vase. Just make sure it's tall enough to put your iron down in the whole or at least most of the way. Also that  the base is wide enough that it won't tip over


  I hope this helps.


Re: Cooling down curling wand

Put it in the oven.

Re: Cooling down curling wand

Thanks for all your suggestions! I realized that there is a little piece and two nubs that act as a stand, but it is tricky to get it to work because the weight is so unbalanced where the cord goes.

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