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Confused on shampoo and conditioner

I get confused! I hi lite and low lite my hair. It is fine. Daily wash and condition, blow dry and flat iron. What Shampoo and Conditioner do I use. My hair is not too dry; I use Argon Oil which helps in the dry desert climate I live in.

Re: Confused on shampoo and conditioner

Hi LanaeW! What color are you highlights? Are they blonde-platinum or more like a light brown-caramel? 




Re: Confused on shampoo and conditioner

Kevin, My highlights are blonde and my low lights are more caramel.

Thank you!

Re: Confused on shampoo and conditioner

Great! I would recommend then the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Brightening Blonde Shampoo and accompanying conditioner.  The shampoo and conditioner have a violet base to them which is going to neutralize brassiness and keep your blonde looking awesome.  The sulfate-free formula is also going to protect your lowlights. Smiley Happy 


Hope this helps! Smiley Happy 




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