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Conditioner of very oily hair

So, I have incredibly oily locks and I haven't found a conditioner that I like in a while.  I currently use the I Love Juicy shampoo from Lush and that's been a miracle product for me (before I discovered it I had to wash my hair every single day)!  I use the It's a Ten Miracle leave in product and that keeps my hair frizz free and decently soft; however, I want a change.  Do any of you gals know of a conditioner that won't weight down my oily hair or make it feel greasy? Thanks!

Re: Conditioner of very oily hair

I have fine, oily hair (I have to wash it every morning) and the Prive Daily Conditioner has been working very well for me. It's very light and smells nice. Before I shampoo, I put about a silver dollar sized amount of conditioner through my hair and leave it in for around five minutes. I then wash with shampoo (without rinsing the conditioner out), Rinse very well, and lastly I put a penny sized amount of conditioner on the ends of my hair. When my hair dries it's clean, shiny, and lightweight. I highly recommend this conditioner. It's nourishing enough without being heavy. Also, the Prive Daily Shampoo and Amplifying shampoo are great as well.



Re: Conditioner of very oily hair

I have fine hair that gets oily looking quickly and dry shampoo has always been my go-to product in order to help me avoid washing it on the daily. (Batiste is my favorite for that "freshly washed" look AND feeling.)


As for conditioners, I think that more important than what conditioner you are using, applying the conditioner from earlobes down ONLY has made a big difference for me. It is the ends of my hair that need the extra moisture, not my scalp.


A general rule for people with oily hair is to use products meant for "volumizing". These products are meant to be ultra light weight in order to give hair more volume, and thus they are not heavy in your locks, causing more oil issues.

Re: Conditioner of very oily hair

I also have oily hair, and a conditioner that I have used with success is Aveda rosemary mint. It’s very weightless, but still conditions the ends. I only put conditioner on my ends, from ears down.  My scalp is so oily that I have to wash it every day, and sometimes I could probably benefit from washing it twice a day (though I never would-too harsh on my ends).  I also use rosemary mint shampoo, and it seems to help with my oily scalp.

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