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Conditioner and Detangler

I recently had my hair dyed ombre and since the colorist bleached my hair (I have dark hair and wanted a dark to blonde ombre) my hair is dry and gets really tangled, especially when I sleep. The knots are crazy! I've never had knots this bad before; I'm talking big bad knots that you can't even separate with your hands. I feel like if i try to just brush it, my brush will just get stuck in my hair. 


What are some really good conditioners and detangler (either spray or leave in)? I currently use Aussie 3 min moisture conditioner and Granier Fructis smoothing milk.

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

I recommend Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque and their Healing Oil Spray also!

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

Try a DIY conditioning treatment:  One tablespoon coconut oil, one tablespoon jojoba oil and a dropperfull of argan oil.  Mix together and concentrate on your blonde ends.  Leave on overnight with hair in loose braid or tucked into a turbie. Wash out in the morning with Wen or another sulfate free shampoo/conditioner.  I do this 2 nights a week and my hair is as soft as my little three year olds.' Wen green tea bamboo (sold on QVC at a great discount) is a life saver for over worked/dyed hair.  

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle is my favorite, it smells awesome too! 

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

its a 10 is my all time favorite detangler. Pricey but works so well.

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

Thanks! I'll look it up!

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

You can get it at ulta!

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

I actually own a its a 10! Lol, I never realized it I owned this and I've never tried it. I just used it for the first time yesterday. After conditioning my hair in the shower, I applied it to my damp hair. It seems to do the trick!

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

For starters, I would highly recommend Phyto's Phyto Citrus Color Protect Mask, you use it for the first two weeks after coloring to help with not just conditioning the hair but helping to lock in color, afterward you can switch to a lighter weight, color preserving conditioner.


Bleaching can be especially harsh on hair because the process "lifts" color as opposed to a typical color process that focuses on adding color in. Did your colorist also add color back into portions that were bleached? Having this double duty chemical process can wreak havoc, but the key is to focus on deep conditioning ingredients.


Butters and conditioning oils can be your best friend so keep an eye out for things like shea butter, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil, and argan oil. Also keep an eye out for strengthening proteins and ingredients such as keratin, silk proteins, vitamin B (panthenol), and amino acids.


When you're washing your hair, saturate ends/particularly damaged/chemically treated areas with conditioner and leave on hair for the directed time on product packaging. Clip your hair up, throw on a shower cap, even add a warmed towel over wrapped hair to help keep strands from rinsing out too soon and to help products penetrate better.


Try to keep from combing/brushing hair when wet as hair is at a more vulnerable state when wet and the hair cuticle is more swollen with water. If you can't keep from detangling in the shower or on wet hair, use a wide tooth comb and work in small sections starting at the bottom/ends of hair and combing up 2-3 inch sections at a time so you're not working knots and tangles at the top of the hair downward to collect at the bottom and make things worse. Try sleeping with your hair in a braid or even a soft top knot to prevent ends from being roughed up by shifting postions and to cut down on tangles that may occur.


Apply a smoothing serum such as Living Proof's Satin Serum (which is free of silicones and waxes which may form water impervious bonds around hair and in turn lock out much needed moisture) to help smooth the hair cuticle, add shine to restore a healthier appearance to hair, and has protective polymers to guard against heat damage as it's crucial to protect again thermal styling if you don't use a thermal protectant already with the use of blow dryers, curling irons, hot rollers/curlers, and flat irons.


You may also want to check out LP's Restore line, it's safe for color treated and chemical treated hair and is designed for stressed/damaged hair. The Targeted Repair Cream is a leave-in treatment that helps to condition and is designed to help fill in for textural issues in strands to restore strength and improve hair's feel. The entire LP line is infused with polyfluroesters which address hair porosity which is greatly affected by chemical processes like bleaching and coloring. They also aid in smoothing hair and combating frizz without heavy waxes/silicones without being weighted.

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

Thanks for all this great information! She put bleach and then toner in my hair. I will def try sleeping in a braid since that seems to be when my hair gets the most tangled. Where can I purchase these products you mentioned? Are they available at a Target or Ulta?

Re: Conditioner and Detangler

Phyto and LP are available at Sephora (of course Smiley Happy), but in regards to the ingredients to keep an eye for they can be found in brands such as Frederic Fekkai (has a shea mask), It's a 10, Joico's K-Pak line, Macadamia Oil (brand), Josie Maran, Alterna, and Redken (Extreme Cat Treatment).


You can also find raw ingredients such as coconut oil and other conditioning oils in health food stores and specialty stores.

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