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Colouring Hair at Home?

I've been wanting to dye my hair for a really long time and I'm not having a lot of luck. True, I have REALLY super dark hair (almost black) but I don't want to go through all the trouble of bleaching it. Is there any way I can do this inexpensively without having to do such? Products or techniques would be great. xoxo

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

There's a lot more info that's needed before a definitive direction can be taken.


For starters, is you hair natural or have you colored it to the shade it is presently? Secondly, what color are you looking to change to?


If you hair is natural, it does cut down on the possibility of running into more issues as if you do decide to venture on a at-home process, you won't have to worry about lifting not just your natural color but also a previous chemical process already applied to strands.


If your hair has been color treated to be at the shade it is presently, you may face issues like a box color not lifting and depositing color evenly, clashing of undertones, and even a warped development in color due to the multiple chemical processes on the hair.


To be honest, if you're looking to do at-home color, you're safest bet will be if you're looking only to lighten 1-2 shades up from your natural color. This minimizes the window of error that will occur. If you're looking to go lighter than 1-2 shades, I would definitely advise seeking a professional service.


Regardless of what path you choose, why not book at least a consultation and get the opinion and know-how from a trained and licensed professional. There's no commitment to get colored that day, but seek plenty of answers to questions like:


-What process and steps are needed to get my color from shade A to shade B?

-Can this be done in one processing or will it require follow up visits to gradually and safely lighten my hair as to avoid damaging it as much as possible?

-What undertones and colors will suit my complexion, wardrobe, and preferences?

-How will maintaining the new color be, how often will I need to touch up?


It's important to factor those points in, especially when a professional can analyze the current condition of your hair and see whether or not it's capable to handle a chemical process and to what degree. Maintenance is also important, keep in mind that the more drastic the change, the more obvious it'll be once regrowth comes in and you need to decide whether you're able to budget aside for that, not to mention is your hair able to handle touch up processes so you're not overly damaging hair.

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

Echoing what most of the other answers: see a professional.

Dark hair cannot be lightened without bleach and it's very difficult to get your color even by yourself. You need someone who can see your hair from all angles.

It also takes way less time in a salon than at home.

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

What color are you trying to do? i mean Garnier released a line of at home dyes that are for people with nautrally black hair to go lighter, i've used it a couple times to go redder but depending on how often you wash your hair and other things it may not last longer then 2 months 

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

If your hair is naturally dark and you're trying to go more than two shades lighter, see a pro.  


If your hair is COLORED dark and you're trying to get back to any lighter, see a pro.


Trust me, unless you're planning not to go any further from dark brown to medium brown, it's cheaper to see a pro first, than to try to do this on your own and then have to see a pro to fix it.  It'll also look a lot better.

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

I would not suggest you dying it at home, to lighten your hair there are a lot of steps involved in stripping the black before putting more color on top. I had someone i knew who tried to do it at home, when she would get it lighter it would last just a few weeks and it would gradually get darker because the color was only catching on to her fresh roots as they grew out making the color very uneven. not to mention her hair got REALLY dry. She was supposed to go with me to my hairdresser, after i told her not to dye it for a few months. If you watch nikkiphillippi on YT, she is naturally a blonde but has been dying her hair for years black. She is in the process of dying it back to blonde, and is doing a few videos on it.

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

I dye my hair at home every 2 months.  I use some Japanese brand, it will come out like a bubbles, you can dye your hair like shampooing your hair, so it won't make a mess even though you have long hair like me.

I will say the color that you want for your hair I will suggest you get one shade lighter.

Since you have long black hair, you have to dye your hair from the tip 1st, then wrap it using blow dryer to get them warmer, higher temp the color will go on faster, and wair for at least 15 mins, then dye your roof. After dye your roof , i will wait for another 20-30mins, before I wash it away.  

That was the 1st time I dye my hair, hope it can help, and if you want to know the brand that I use plz let me know.^_^


Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

If your hair is colored blacked, and you are trying to go lighter there is NO WAY to do it without bleach. Color does not lighten color, it only will lighten your natural hair.


Is your hair colored? if so what color?

What color would you like to go?

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

If your looking to color your hair shades like blue or red, you're most definitely going to need to bleach your ends to lighten them enough for the red or blue to take.

Depending on the exact shade of blue or red that is desired can give you an idea of leeway in terms of how drastic your hair has to be lightened to.

Re: Colouring Hair at Home?

I am a natural black and I've only ever gotten highlights. I'm hoping to make my ends blue or red

Hi caroline77,   I've been dying my hair for years & it i...

Hi caroline77,


I've been dying my hair for years & it is currently a super light brown, but I can barely remember my natural hair color... Once upon a time, I vaguely recall my hair was a rich dark brown, almost black.  I'd suggest that you get your hair done at a salon the first time, to ensure you dont end up with turning it orange or something.  After I get my hair exactly how I want it (by my stylist), I cheat & do my own roots with a box from the drugstore Smiley Wink  I cant tell you how many times I've ruined my hair & had to suck it up and go into the salon and end up paying more for a fix job, than I would have for the initial service.  


xo, Mia

Re: Hi caroline77,   I've been dying my hair for years & it i...

I agree with you on that one, i tried to do an ombre where i bleached the ends of my hair and it destroyed it, i had to pay 200+ for a job to fix it, cut the damaged, and repair what was left....not a good time
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