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Coloring my auburn hair?

So i have auburn hair, and everyone has told me I should never dye it, but I've always wanted to. It's been long for quite a while, and before that I had a pixie which was super cute. I don't really know what to do with it now that its long again and I just wear it in a bun all the time, which is super boring. I've been looking at different colors, and am really liking lilac and light pink, but I'm not sure if they would look good mixed into my natural hair color/ombre, or if I'm brave enough to go fully colored. I also was thinking about going redder, and I LOVE home platinum looks. I am a fair complexion with sort of pink/red undertones, especially in my face. I smile a lot and it always makes my face even pinker. 

Re: Coloring my auburn hair?

I have auburn hair and fair skin with pink undertones, too. I felt the same way as you for a long time and kept my hair long for way too long. I got tired of that "identity" I'd created for myself and was ready for change. I also realized that I had kept it the same for so long because I had allowed other people's judgments to influence and hold power over me. Over that!


Sooo, a few years ago I went to a professional who I trust (yes, I totally agree with @Iylysa on this) and had it all cut off (from the middle of my back) into a shaggy pixie and then dyed blonde. Whoa! It wasn't a straight all-over blonde, but full head of blonde highlights in 2-3 different shades of blonde (from golden to more beigey pieces towards the front), which let me go longer between appointments - no zipper look down my part - but it still looked like I was a blonde, just way more tonal and natural. I LOVED IT! And because of our skin tone, it totally worked. 


From one redhead to another, I highly recommend a change!! I did that dramatic change a couple years ago and right now my hair is below my shoulders and auburn again. I've played with amping up my red and that's super fun, too... putting in a more saturated red gloss (semi-permanent) looks fantastic & makes my hair super shiny.


The fun thing is, I'm not scared to change my hair anymore - it has become not such a big deal and it is so much fun now! And I've learned to go with how I feel – no pressure from anyone else. When I'm bored, then it's time. You are already bored, so go for it. Actually, I'm getting ansy myself and will probably cut it off and go blonde again at the first of the year :-)  Have fun!!


hair change.jpg

Re: Coloring my auburn hair?

Regardless of what color you opt for, my first suggestion is going to a professional stylist and getting a consultation.


Someone who is well versed in hair color and chemical processes can give you a well rounded idea as to how to best approach the job while minimizing damage to virgin hair, complimentary shades (regardless of color), and well rounded information from the process itself to the aftercare.


For starters, keep in mind that if you're going to do all over color, maintenance will be the key to keep hair looking fresh and well cared for. No one wants platinum locks with tell-tale, auburn regrowth coming at 2 or more inches. The ombre process will be a bit more forgiving as you won't have to worry about touching up roots; however, keeping ends trimmed and healthy will prevent them from looking scraggily, dried, and overprocessed. During trims, you then have to keep in mind how much longer you want to keep the ombre and keeping up with rebleaching/lightening upper portions more so you don't just keep hacking off the lightened ends.


For platinum or lightening hair in any sense, especially involving bleach, go to a professional. I cannot stress how important that is. Yes, hair grows back, but you don't want to put yourself at risk of chemical burns, chemical hair cuts, and excessive damage if you have no clue how to go about the process. More than often, to get hair to a platinum level, dual processes or multi-process procedures have to be done. It's rare that someone just slaps on bleach, rinses it out, and voila, has perfect platinum locks. Often time, bleaching is done more than once, followed by toner to help even out undertones from your hair's natural color, then it's likely that an actual blonde/platinum color is added back to give color back to strands after taking out/removing what was naturally there.


The mentioning of toning and undertones is also where a professional comes into play. In the hands of someone who is not well versed, you can misuse toners and end up giving bleached locks a faded grey, purple, or even blue hue. A professional will be able to find the proper balance of bleaching powder and developer volume to effective do the job but again, minimizing as much damage as possible.


Colors like lilac and light pink, or any nonconventional color will be found traditionally in semi or demi permanent forms, meaning they wash out anywhere from 12-25+ washes depending on the brand and how well the color itself takes to your hair. Though pastel colors have become more popular as of late, DIY formulas of mixing conditioner with semi-permanent colors helps to tone down shades and make your own pastels, but be careful. Not all colors take very well when mixed with conditioner since their pigment gets cut down. You'll have to leave color on even longer than usual or have to research/play around with finding solid brands that can be mixed with conditioner but still take to strands well. Your nonconventional colors are found in much more mild forms, these are more gentle on hair, leaving the bulk of damage from the actual bleaching portion. Brands like Manic Panic, Splat, Beyond the Zone, Joico, Color Ion, and N Rage make an assortment of shades.


If you're looking for something a touch more subtle like adding a brighter/more vibrant red glow or even a magenta/pink wash on hair, you may not need to venture into the bleaching or permanent color walk. You can always top strands with semi/demi permanent color (Manic Panic, Splat, BTZ, and N Rage can be used as is and do not require mixing with developers). You can also check into glaze processes with your stylist/professional. These add tons of shine and a slight sheen of color that is more visible in sunlight. Glazes can be with or without color and a great way to freshen up a look and have hair looking healthy.



Re: Coloring my auburn hair?

If you decide on a drastic change, go to a professional. Most hair horror stories happen when people attempt drastic color changes at home. Especially when bleach is involved.


When I belonged to a long hair cult *ahem* community, and one of our members was openly debating a major cut or color change, we had a rule: wait a week. Try different hairstyles in the mean time.

After that, if you still had the urge to cut or color, you could go through with it.

Perhaps you could give this a shot. Try doing something with your hair besides a regular bun. Learn different braiding techniques, experiment with new hair accessories. Then after a week, if you still want the Easter colors, go to a salon.

But also be aware of the maintenance costs you'll be racking up each month to keep those colors. If it's worth it to you, then do it.


You sound quite young and that's really the best time to experiment with unnatural colors.

Re: Coloring my auburn hair?

First of all, you only live once, so do what makes you happy.


Second, hair grows back, and can be changed over and over again, so if you change your mind it's always reversible.


Consider colors which won't conflict with your current style, makeup routine, and skintone. Just because others don't see your vision, doesn't mean it isn't worth trying. Besides, you might start a trend! Smiley Happy

Re: Coloring my auburn hair?

If you are a hair color virgin, I would not start out with a bold change.


Everyones hair takes color differently. You won't know how your hair performs if you've never colored before.


Start out with some face framing highlights in a color 3-4 shades lighter than your natural color. Then your stylist can decide how to color your hair in the future.


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