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Coloring Hair for first time

I've never colored my hair but noticing some white hairs. I have medium brown hair and thinking of having it colored dark brown. Should I get it done professionally with permanent or semi-permanent dye? I am worried about losing my healthy hair and is getting my eyebrows tinted healthy or will it cause them to thin?

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

I have medium brown hair.  I have always done mine at home.  I use Clairol Natural Instincts.  Its a semi-permanent.  Why bother with permanent?  My hair grows so fast that I have to recolor in 4-6 weeks anyway.  My suggestion is to try a color close to your own the first time if you do it on your own.  If you comfortable with the color and the process then you can experiment with a darker color.  My hair stylist recommended for me to use an "ash" brown as "warm" color will give you more reddish highlights under lights. 

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

I totally agree with Beauty Junkie.  I too have been coloring my hair for close to 20 years.  I have mine done professionally now, but I didn't always.  It's way too messy to do at home esp with dark hair coloring.  I haven't lost any hair due to coloring, so I don't think that is a problem as long as you keep your hair conditioned and reduce the breakage.  When my stylist does my hair it is super shiny and healthy looking.

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

I love getting my hair colored.  I've been doing it professionally for the last 15 years.  My hair is just as thick, shiny and healthy as it was the first time I colored it.  


Once I started with colors outside of my normal dark brown my stylist started tinting my brows as well.  Let me just say that I had no idea what a difference it would make.  The funny thing is right after I get it done everyone notices I look different (and not just the hair color, they get that) but they can't put their fingers on what the change is.  It is such a small thing that makes such a difference. 

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

I'm in the exact same boat you are, and my friends and other VIBs have all suggested going to a professional for the first few times.  It's too risky to try it on your own, kind of like matching our foundation in the light at Target without ever having someone stripe us.  Big difference there = big difference with our hair.  Personally, I'm going to an Aveda salon and will be diving into color later this Fall.  Good luck!

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

If you're going to opt for at home color and want to minimize damaging strands, use ammonia free hair color.


Traditionally, ammonia is used as an agent that will lift and open the hair shaft so color can be deposited in strands, this is used more so in permanent hair colors as the lifting and depositing needs to be greater to ensure color sticks and isn't washed out.


Semi and demi permanent colors use more gentle formulas paired with lower volume developers as to avoid ammonia but also not lift the folicle, allowing color to be deposited on a more superficial/surface layer of strands rather than deeply penetrating.


Demi permanent colors are one step higher in terms of being long lasting compared to semi permanent colors. Semis can last on average from 8-12 shampoos while demi can last upwards from 12-24. Of course this is also dependent upon the number of times you wash your hair as well as the products being used (shampoos with sulfates can strip hair of natural oils and break down color faster, while styling products high in unhealthy alcohols can dry strands out, leading color to be dull and lackluster, this also holds true for worsening the condition of permanent colored hair).


With white hair, the actual make up of your hair is different than strands that still are colored. If you notice, more than often, white hairs tend to be wiry feeling and stiffer than regular hair. The actual change is based around the fact that melanin production has slowed or stopped all together, leaving strands colorless or stark. Since the actual texture and make up is different, white hairs tend to not absorb color as well (this issue makes them deemed as being "stubborn"). Permanent hair color tends to address white and grey hair rather quickly due to high volume developers used to force color within them so they are colored to the shade needed.


If it's a few strays of grey or white that need to be covered, trying a gentle, at home color wouldn't be something I'd highly advise against; however, if your hair has pretty much turned grey or white heavily, I would then suggest going to a salon/professional so they can ensure the formula being used is suitable for your hair and will cover to the best possible outcome.


Other options following coloring your hair are at home glazes (sold by brands in boxes like at home color) in a universal clear shade or even from brands like John Fredia which makes glazes for different hair shades to enhance luster and enrichen color. Glazes are like a top coat for nails, but for hair, adding shine and polish to strands regardless of the condition or whether or not you color. It's a great way to revive dull strands or if your hair just doesn't seem as vibrant as before.


In regards to eye brow tinting, I would suggest visiting a salon/professional to ensure formulas are mixed properly and applied/removed properly. Since your brows are so near your eyes, you don't want to take any risks with at home processes if you're not trained or well versed. You can also look into brow gels for temporary tinting if you notice color diminishing.

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

Also not to mention the demi dye will make your hair look so shiny it will even look healthier IMO! Smiley Happy

Re: Coloring Hair for first time

Hey! I don't have any greys myself but if you're concerned about your hair why not try a demi-permanent color?


My hair is a medium brown but I like having it darker brown/just had it plain for so long I wanted to experiment. A demi lasts longer than a semi, and is supposed to last 3-4 months. Yes, it fades, but very nice and subtly. Of course there will be regrowth that will show your greys. I get my hair colored every 3 months and I have fine hair prone to breakage and its in great shape.


I do get mine done professionally because I enjoy the treat every so often. However I would imagine it would be pretty easy to do at home. Maybe try it in the salon first time then get an at home product recommendation?


Demi wears really well on brown hair, I think, and while my hair is not dark brown any more (colored it in June) its still a midtown brown. My roots are slightly lighter but its hardly noticeable at all.


I don't tint my eyebrows I think they look better a shade lighter but if I want to I just fill them in a little darker.

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