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Color Protecting Treatment

I am looking for a color protecting/moisturizing treatment to do after I get my hair dyed. I have very thin fine hair and I dye it blonde. Looking for something that seals in my color and protects against fade. But I also need it to replenish my hair and moisturize, because often the little hairs around my face will get dry and damaged after dying. I would prefer not to have a leave in treatment you do for several days because my hair is so fine it gets greasy and limp really easily. Looking for more like a one time treatment or once a week for several weeks type deal.


Any suggestion?



Hi MJAR,    I recommend you try the Alterna Bamboo UV Pro...



I recommend you try the Alterna Bamboo UV Protectant Mask which is super hydrating, sulfate free, keeps hair color/dye in the hair and leaves your hair soft, shiny and smooth without being weighed down or greasy. What I like is that it leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny but since my hair is also fine, it doesn't leave it dirty or overly greasy looking.


ALTERNA - Bamboo™ UV+ Color Protection Rehab Deep Hydration Masque



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I have the same hair type and I've been using the Kerasta...

I have the same hair type and I've been using the Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm. You replace your regular shampoo/conditioner with the cleansing balm for the first three washes after you color and then you alternate with it every other day after that. 


Since the product is really expensive and I have fine hair, I only use it twice a week, but it's kept my color from fading and helped repair damage. It doesn't weigh my hair down but makes it really soft. I usually don't spend too much money on shampoo and conditioner, but this product really does what it's supposed to. 4 weeks later people have still been commenting on how fresh my highlights look and how healthy my hair is. 


You can't buy it from Sephora, so I buy it from birchbox. The points system they have helps cut the cost a little too. 



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