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Chlorine Removing/Blocking Products

Hi, I am an avid swimmer and just joined a gym with a chlorine pool. I am looking for something to protect my hair from drying and color fading (its been colored continuously for many years).


Either a shampoo/conditioner to use after or a protecting spray to use before/after I get in the water.


Thanks for your help!

Re: Chlorine Removing/Blocking Products

I like putting Ojon Resorative Treatment in my hair before swimming...I don't swim a lot but I am paranoid about chlorine fading my color...have been doing this for years (even with reds or relatively fresh color). Good multi-tasking in that you get a treatment at the same time, and the oil/ butter texture keeps the water and chlorine out. Any color-safe shampoo could work after...something gel textured would break up the oil more than a rich, hydrating shampoo (or shampoo twice...ptr's is actually nice for that)...then a light conditioner like ptr's...

Re: Chlorine Removing/Blocking Products

Malibu Treatments.  There should be one for chlorine.  Probably one of the best lines out there for it.

Re: Chlorine Removing/Blocking Products

I was a competitive swimmer for years. Ultraswim's entire line is my go to. 

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