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Chlorinated Hair Problems

Hey guys. So I have started up swimming again and it has taken a huge toll on my hair. My hair has been getting extremely dry and brittle. It has also been thinning out. I have tried using Ultraswim, but I hate the consistency of it; it is too liquid-like. Are there any products out there that will remove chlorine from my hair and add shine back to it? Is there anything that I could use before swimming that will protect my hair from chlorine?

Re: Chlorinated Hair Problems

I swim probably once a week, sometimes twice a week during the summer. I've read that you should coat your hair in conditioner before swimming, so what I usually do is coat my hair with the John Freida deep conditioner before going into the pool. Of course, your hair has to be wet. The tube of conditioner I have so happens to have titanium dioixide in it, which is good for sun protection. I have coarse thick hair by the way. Hope this helps and good luck!

Re: Chlorinated Hair Problems

go to sallys  beauty, they have a whole line dedicated to swimmers hair care, it works.

Re: Chlorinated Hair Problems

A mixture of baking soda and water will get the chlorine out of your hair.

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