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Can someone recommend a shampoo

Can someone recommend a shampoo & conditioner, or tips for taking care of long hair with perm, and occasional dandruff? 

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

sulfate free and sodium free shampoos, they're more moisturizing and less irritating. I use argan oil shampoo and conditioner by pro naturals and it's really cleansing, plus it's safe on perms and colored hair.

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

I never thought of using argan oil for shampoo but I do own it for facial oil. Thanks for your tip! 

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

A good tip for applying any type of oil to your hair, apply a few drops or mist your palms, lightly rub/pat together to spread the oil out and thin out the consistency and then pat and press onto roots with finger tips or by combing fingers into the roots where your palms are flush and touching your scalp so as much product as possible is being applied to your scalp and not your hair/roots. This will help prevent too heavy of an application of oil and ward off risking your roots looking greasy or weighed down.

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

For the dry scalp issue and curly hair, I use products from Ouidad.  Specifically the Ultra Nourishing cleansing oil shampoo, which I don't believe is available from Sephora yet, Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner, Hydrafusion Intense Curl Cream (styling product), and once a week the Bay Lead scalp exfoliator (can't recall the entire name but Sephora carries it).  Sounds like a lot of product, but the improvement in both my scalp and naturally curly hair has been remarkable.  If your dandruff is an occasional issue, the shampoo would probably take care of it.  Mine is more of a dermatitis problem.  Good luck!

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

For a perm, I highly recommend using products that will help lock in moisture due to the chemical process on your hair and in addition to your locks being so long.


Often times with super long hair (mine is well past my hips), the natural oils your scalp produces aren't able to be cycled down to your ends, leaving the bottom of your hair dry and lackluster. The inability to produce enough oil to keep locks maintained can also then lead to dry scalp and dandruff issues.


Shampoos and products designed for curly hair is formulated with moisturizers that are effective to help preserve and enhance shape, yet be light weight enough not to bulk up and weigh down strands, which is also perfect for long hair as you don't want hair to seem dragged down.


Carol's Daughter's Hair Milk line is a great nourishing formula for curly, wavy, or kinky hair, regardless of natural hair type or through chemical processing.


The formula is gentle and packed with moisturizing ingredients like agave necter, avocado oil (rich in fatty acids), shea butter, sweet almond extract, apricot extract, jojoba seed oil, wheat protein, and cocoa butter.


The below two threads cover some more products and brands for curly hair that also follow suit for gentle formulas that won't damage your chemically processed hair, plus offer some info on tips to keep permed/curly hair healthy (everything from maintaining to ingredients to look out for in styling products):


Carol's Daughter has a Rosemary & Mint Clarifying shampoo/conditioner you can use to supplement your regular hair washing regimen. Though it's geared to clarify excess build up from styling and natural accumulation between washes, rosemary is used as a dandruff treatment as well for it's abilities to soothe and balance out dryness to help rid hair of flakes.

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

Thanks for your very detailed reply! I will definitely try the products! 


Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

Happy to help! Smiley Happy

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

I have frequent dandruff. I use the Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo for that. Not sure how it would go with a perm though. I use the Fekkai Glossing conditioner and finds that keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy whether long or short, although it's only a little bit wavy, and gets straighter as the day goes on.

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

My hair is past my waist and the one thing I always do is wash my scalp but not all my hair.  I only lather up at the top and anything along the length gets a light soaping as I rinse anyway.  I ALWAYS condition the entire length and leave it in until the end of the shower rinsing it out last.  I keep a large clip in the shower just to put it up and out of the way once I work in the conditioner.

Re: Can someone recommend a shampoo

*bump* Hope one of the long haired ladies here can help, cuz I have mid length hair.


I know for long hair it's easy to have dry/split end so you might want to look into a hair mask, or concentrate the conditioner there. Due to weight, it is also a bit vulnerable to breakage, so look for shampoo that deals with breakage/strengthening hair. If the dandruff is occasional and not too much of a problem, try rinse it a bit longer (or try a vinegar rinse, be careful about proportions) or brush it more.

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