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Calling all wavy haired ladies!

My hair is naturally wavy. 2B if you're familiar with Curly Girl. I shower at night to save time in the morning and then when I wake up I just wet my hair under the sink and then I gently squeeze out the water with a t shirt and apply product. I've been using Herbal essences totally twisted mousse or Suave Curl Cream Mousse and let my hair air dry. I used to have really long hair but I cut it like a week ago and now it hits at the top of my bra strap in the back. 


Okay now getting to my problem. My hair will look super wavy when it's wet and then by the time it dries it straightens out a lot. The bottom portion of my hair is almost completely straight by the time it's dry.


I've tried diffusers, piling my hair on top of my head with a cloth, more mousse, less mousse, gels, putting product on damp hair vs soaking wet hair. Diffusers seem to help a little but they actually make my hair frizzy. I haven't gone totally sulfate free or the no shampoo thing because my hair is oily and if I go more than a day without washing then it looks and feels gross. I do use L'oreals sulfate free line though.


Do you guys have any tips, product suggestions? 


Thanks! and sorry for the long post!


Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

I recommend trying the pro naturals argan oil line, they have sulfate free products and you can use them on the ends on your hair, like the argan oil. Or you can try keratin products like cocoa keratin shampoo and conditioner to help your hair become more manageable.

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

What are these Curly Girl numbers you're referring to?  I'm curious.

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

Curl pattern.  There are actually two different systems that use the same letter/number combo, but they mean slightly different things.  Basically the number is the general category (1=straight, 2=wavy, 3=curly, 4=fractal/kinky/zigzag).  The letter is a subcategory (a, b, c), but depending on the system you use the subcategory letter can mean different things.  FIA uses the letter to differentiate varying degrees of curl/wave.  As an example, a 2a would be a slight wave, where a  2c would be a strong wave with an occasional curl mixed in.  In other typing systems the letter represents texture, especially for wavy hair- I prefer FIA because it also includes two other hair characteristics, one of which is way more important than curl pattern for finding the right hair products- those are texture (fine, medium, coarse) and density (thin, average, thick).  So my full FIA hair type is 3a/f/iii (loose to medium curls, fine texture, thick density).  

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

Awesome!  Thanks for explaining.  I have wavy hair that has some occasional curls.  Not curly enough to just be naturally curly without some work, not straight enough to be left alone without straightening.  It does curl pretty easily with just a bit of scrunching and gel, though.  I also have very coarse and thick hair.  So I guess I'd be a 2cc/iii?

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

I'm glad I could help.  I'm still learning about the skincare/makeup thing, but after two years of hair forums, I can definitely talk almost all things hair.

When I first started following the Curly Girl method my hair was closer to 2c, but most people with waves and curls have some variety of patterns on their head.  Especially when I air dry (which is most of the time), I have clumps of hair that range in pattern from 2b to 3b.  I like to think that the surprise factor/inconsistency is what makes wavy and curly hair so much fun to play with.

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

Hi brittany0859, 


I agree with wendyomgwar! I add a smoothing creme to my hair to keep away the frizzies, then a bit of a serum or shine spray. Upside down braids pinned to my head seem to do the trick in keeping both the shape and lift (wavy hair has a life of its own sometimes! too straight or too wavy!) Smiley Wink



Alterna is great for sulfate free products, their Bamboo smooth spray, Caviar BB Cream and UV protecting mask (great for color treated hair) are three of my top must haves!




Kendi Dry Oil Mist




Hydration Masque




Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

I primarily have 3a curls, but my hair is fine in texture and thick in density, so weigh-down is definitely an issue for me.  I have had the best results with the MAP technique, which was created (or at least named) by a Deva-trained stylist named Scott Musgrave (full details can be found on his blog).  It requires two products, a "filler," which is a product that will give increased definition but has no real hold on its own, and a "sealer," which is your hold product.  After you finish rinsing your hair (and adding leave-in, if you use it), apply your filler product in sections (stay an inch or two away from your roots)- be sure to spread your fingers apart and actually rake the product into your hair, gently scrunching every so often.  Then apply your sealer product in a similar way, but apply all the way to the roots.  Make sure to use a generous amount of product (If I'm sealing with mousse, I will easily use 4 palmfuls for my chin length hair).  All raking and scrunching should be slow and deliberate- rushing through the process will create frizz.  Once your products are applied, use your t-shirt or microfiber towel to gently squeeze/scrunch the hair and remove as much excess water as you can.  Then diffuse or air dry.  I will also add that if I'm diffusing my hair, I really have to use gel, rather than mousse, to avoid excessive frizz. 

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

I have 2a/2b hair the same length as yours.  I also apply a curl cream and allow to air dry but then I also spritz it with a beach spray for hold and frizz control.  I get the best results with beach spray if I wait until my hair is nearly dry, spritz it all over, and gently scrunch.

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

I use the totally twisted mousse hold 3 on wet hair but I also spray my wet hair with a flexible hold hairspray - have you tried that before? Longer hair will get weighed down but you did just cut it - this method has worked really well for me. Before you buy anything new try spraying your hair with a flexible hold or finishing spray after the mousse. It may look like it will dry crunchy (might look like a gel effect when wet) but it dries really nicely with less frizz in my opinion! And it holds the shape really well for me. Sometimes/if I have the chance I might spray it again with hairspray before its totally dry, but thats because my frizz will start to look a little crazy, but ultimately it all dries really nicely after I rake myhands through dry hair.


I have mixed wavy/curly hair that varies in curl intensity depending on hair length. Now that my hair is long (maybe an inch or so longer than yours) I braid my hair when wet to get a more uniform effect. I just use leave in conditioner when I do that, though!

Re: Calling all wavy haired ladies!

Have you tried braiding it overnight?

I usually put in some mousse or holding gel when its wet let it dry a bit and then make two braids. Sleep in it and next day I have gorgeous waves Smiley Happy!

Do keep in mind that the waves become loose throughout the day, also my hair seems to keep its curl better than yours from what you've described but I think it's worth a shot!

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