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Bumble and Bumble BB Blow Dry is AWESOME

If anyone is looking for an awesome blow dry cream, this is it!  I've always been very hesitant to bother with any straightening prodcuts, being very lazy and normally forgoing blow drying all together.  I have naturally wavy/frizzy hair and this worked so great, I'm still impressed.  I just worked it through very lightly through my damp hair and after the dry, it was so smooth it looked like I had straightened it.  It wasn't perfect, but I didn't have to mess with anything this morning, just brushed it out.  They have it in stores right now for 100 VIB points if you want to test it, so just wanted to spread the word and say I absolutely recommend this and I'll be buying the full size!!  The little things excite me Smiley Very Happy


Re: Bumble and Bumble BB Blow Dry is AWESOME

Haha, dianabt, I feel like it's changed my life, too!  So far, I haven't tried a Bumble and Bumble product that I haven't liked.  The VIB sample is a definite plus, because I probably wouldn't have tried it otherwise.  I just had to sing it's praises.  I've tried regular drug store blow dry creams in the past, but never with the same results, usually just left me hair feeling greasy. :/  I hope if you ladies try it, you like it as much as I do Smiley Happy

Re: Bumble and Bumble BB Blow Dry is AWESOME

Thanks for the heads-up about the VIB samples!! I'll definitely have to try it out, especially after your stellar review on it. Smiley Happy 

Re: Bumble and Bumble BB Blow Dry is AWESOME

Thanks for sharing sydmarsis15!


I recently bought the dryspun finish and it's literally changed my life. The store was out of the pret a powder I wanted to try but looks like I'll need to check out the blow dry cream too! Smiley Wink

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Bumble and Bumble BB Blow Dry is AWESOME

Diana, I love the Dryspun finish too! I haven't been using it because I want to get through the Drybar Detox I have. I'm so sad without it!

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