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Blonde Hair Highlights

I have naturally blonde hair and it is a little darker, so I want to get some highlights at the student hair salon near my school.  Since it is a student salon I want to get all the information I can about highlights before I go to them.  


First of all, do you ladies have any suggestions for what color highlights I should get or how I should go about giving my hair more movement?  I have really long hair (probably about lower back) so will it take a while for them to highlight my hair?  Any information you can provide about highlights and how I can take care of them after getting them done would be super helpful!  Thanks!  Also I have attached a picture of my hair that I have so hopefully that can help.

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

I would not go to a student to get my long hair highlighted for the first time! 

If money is an issue, look on Living Social & Groupon for a salon near you. 

It will take a long time to get your hair highlighted! Usually by the time my colorist is done with applying the color to my whole head, she has to wash out the first section she started. Otherwise the back of my head would be white while my sides would be lighter. The color should be on the head for the same amount of time for each section. & Like roxystar said, make sure they apply toner to even out the color. 

Try looking at getting hair painting (balayage) done instead of foils, it's slightly less damaging to hair. 

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

I was really nervous about going to the student salon, its the only close salon that my schools bus service has a bus stop really close to there so its the most convenient to get to.  Now that you brought up balayage I will look into that and maybe wait until thanksgiving break to go to my regular salon back at home.  

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

Though location/convenience should weigh in slightly to deciding where to do, it shouldn't make up the bulk of what you base your decision on.


Granted it's not ideal to venture to a salon (lets say) 2 hours or more away, but if you find a stylist who can work miracles on your hair and leaves you satisfied, it does justify things more compared to going to some place super close and having someone just doing a mediocre job. There's always a trade off in things, but try to visit at least 2 or 3 salons/stylists to get opinions and just to see what is offered in terms of everything from atmosphere, customer service, the actual process, and what products are used.


Any stylist (be it student or practiced pro) shouldn't be shy about divulging information and answering any and all questions. You as the customer should feel at ease and be able to trust the person you're putting your hair in the hands of. Don't just settle for some place that is close for the sake of convenience, what if you go in and the student gives off a vibe like they could care less or just treat you as a "practice job"? No need to spend an arm and a leg, just research some options, go online and look up reviews, and make actual visits! Smiley Happy

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

Good suggestion on the balayage! It also gives a much more organic, natural feel because it's not as meticulous of a process as foil highlights which are spaced out and applied so precisely.


Before getting any type of treatment or process done I would suggest getting in some consultation time. Regardless of whether you go to a student or an established professional, get info like how long they've colored hair (is it a more well-practiced student who's about to graduate beauty school or someone who's only got a few color processes under their belt?), what brand/color do they use (this will give you an opportunity to look up more info online after your consultation), and what process is best suggested for your hair's condition.


Once you get a color process, use sulfate free items or try to minimize the use of sulfate based products to avoid stripping hair of essential oils and to avoid hair looking brassy, dull, and faded quickly. Another smaller step is to get the pH of your water level checked, sometimes showers have what is known as hard water, which means minerals and their deposits aren't filtered out as well or happen to be in higher concentrations and this too can dull and affect your hair's health. Specialty shower heads that cycle out these extra deposits can keep hair softer and healthier.


Keep in mind the amount of highlights you want, be it a whole head, partial, or just a few around face framing layers because you want to consider upkeep. Budget in how often you would have to make a visit to touch up your hair and whether you're able to set aside the time and money. The more apparent the highlights are compared to your natural color, the more tell-tale it'll be once it comes time to recolor, so if you can't hop into the school/salon as often as needed, opt for more subtle highlights, or even lowlights to where maintaining your look isn't as hefty.



Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

Your hair is amazing!

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

this comment made my day! Thank you so much!

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

Because bleach is timed, I would opt for a professional ( ESP since your hair is so long) over processing with bleach can cause breakage.


i think 8 G blonde would look really nice. What salons do ( or should do) is bleach your hair first ( foil, cap, or balayage) and then tone it with a toner to even out the color & get it the shade of blonde you want it. Sometimes salons try to be cheap & won't do the toning. The pieces that are foiled/ bleached first will be lighter than the ones that were bleached last. I really would shy away from students, ESP since it will take them longer - but that's just my opinion

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

I've gotten my hair dyed at from a student before. IT TAKES FOREVER! Every step of the way, the student has to get a nod of approval from his/her instructor. A haircut once took me 3 hours, a dye job took 5.

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

Ok this is really good to know.  I never realized how long this would take.  I am for sure just waiting until I get back home and doing it with my regular salon who has been cutting my hair for years.

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights

I don't have any color suggestions, since it's such a personal thing, but I will say to keep an eye out for proper shampoo.  Definitely look for an SLS-free formula, because sulfates will reduce the life and vibrancy of your color.  I also try to not wash my hair more than 2/3 times a week.  Dry shampoo is your friend!


Bring inspiration pics with you to your appointment.  It's best to communicate very clearly with your stylist, especially a student.  Good luck!

Re: Blonde Hair Highlights


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