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Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

One of my guy friends wants to bleach a streak in his hair but he doesn't want to go to a salon to get it done. Can anyone recommend a good/reliable product we can use? Tips are appreciated too Smiley Happy


Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

Okay, well i understand not wanting to pay the Salon prices, I'm a stylist, But it's necessary, unless he wants to just have an uneven colored streak that honestly may not look good in the end. 

However, if he's really determined, I've used the the L'oreal Super Blonde, There are two types, pick whichever best. For the streak try to get some foil, cut it in a piece, where it can fold over his hair. Then apply it, fold the foil and check on it periodically. Leaving it too long can make it a really soft, sort of gummy texture, you want to avoid that. It may take multiple times to achieve the blonde he wants depending on his current hair color. 

He needs a good conditioner unless he wants breakage, serious damage, or straw like hair. 

You know it's been on too long if you pull on a strand (While bleach is still in) and it really stretches. Time to wash out, wait a few days, condition hair and try again. 

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

Like many other users have suggested, avoid taking the risk and have a professional do it.


If your friend doesn't want to pay high end salon prices, have him research local beauty schools which often have lower costs or even select free services as trainings and lessons for their practiced students. This could be a great and much safer alternative if you don't have the experience in chemically treating hair.


Bleaching hair may sound simple enough, but there are so many variables to take in such as hair type, the condition of one's hair, the undertone of hair, mixing proper ratios, using the proper volume and formula of developer, using the proper formula of a bleaching agent, and processing time.


Inexperience can lead to issues such as chemical burns on the scalp, a "chemical hair cut" in which hair is literally burned and damaged to where it snaps off at random points, and overall stress to the hair.


Bleaching hair often times isn't a straight shot deal. Often times, multiple processes have to occur to not just bleach the hair, but to ensure hair tone is even and then color corrected from the undertone it reveals. Skipping steps and additional processes can often lead to why bleached hair is brassy or orange looking. Aside from multiple bleach processes, toning the hair is a step that helps segway hair into the actual shade of blonde needed for further color applications or to give the desired blonde look.



Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

In fact, now that I think about it, it's been almost 2 YEARS since my bleaching fiasco, not one. Even more reason to do it professionally. They can lift the natural color without bleaching it. It's less damaging.

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

Agreed, my hair is naturally medium brown (but pulls red), I went platinum once as a teen and they had to bleach it 3 and a half times to get all of the red to lift out. Just terrible (never again) both as a look and for the health of my hair. Then I did my roots myself and had "hot" roots (orange, yellow, and then blonde). Not cute. Leave it to the professionals!

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

Hi CelestMaria,


Anytime bleaching is involved I always suggest going to professional! (Especially if the hair is dark) It always lifts unevenly when you do it by yourself and the color will look blotchy.

<3 Melissa

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

I wouldn't suggest bleaching anything on your own haha. I bleached all my hair and dyed it pink once a year ago and I'm still trying to get rid of all the damaged bits. Luckily my hair is very thick and strong so nothing fell out or burned off but I'd still recommend a salon.

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

i Def. agree, i had a friend bleach my dark brown hair in a salon and used toner and everything and it turned dark green! even after dying it and using a mask once a week the damage is still visible, bleaching is fine for the short term but its not smart in the long run, i've also had friends who've bleached their hair and it started burning off and like breaking really bad, you should try something called hair chalk! its easy and no damage comes from it Smiley Happy

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

I tried it once, at a salon and after hours, it turned yellow, I could never get a white streak. The salon lady said ok we have to stop now before we do more damage. O.o If he wants yellow after a few hours he will get it. I have dark brown hair mind you, almost black colored.


Good luck to him, but he should go to a professional so he doesn't burn his hair off.

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

Eh I currently have lilac hair and I did it myself, I used L'oreal Quick blue with volume 30 developer and left it on for about 20 minutes to get the pink out and it worked awesome. I suggest getting a toner to take the brassiness out, since he is going from brown to a blonde it may turn orange in between, I have heard good things about Manic Panics Virgin Snow and in general Manic Panic is a good starter brand for hair dye. Since he only wants one streak I would say go to Sally's and ask the workers, for a bit more help.

This is just what I do though it changes from person to person based on hair. Though I do really suggest that bleach I have used it for about 3 years now and it has taken anywhere from purple to red to pink out of my hair.

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

I've never had problems with Manic Panic, and they have a nice home bleach kit. You do still have to be very careful, and it helps to have someone else do it (or at least help) regardless of in a salon or at home, but I can understand the desire not to pay $$$ at a salon.

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

I agree with @iknowitstoday , I think of this is something he really wants it would be a much better idea to go to a salon, as it could go very bad.

Re: Bleaching a streak in dark brown hair?

My tip is DON'T DO IT!!!!

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