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Black to Blonde

Hello everyone!


I am 23yr old female, and I’ve had the same hair color all my life. I told myself that I would color my hair when I went to college, but the summer I was going to the whole world shut down causeeee the rona. I have not had the opportunity to do it because busy with my senior year. I’m hoping to dye it this summer maybe late June or July. I have really thick basically straight  hair, and it is really healthy. What are y’all’s tips about moving to a lighter color? 

Re: Black to Blonde


Assuming when you say you’ve had the same hair colour your whole life, that your hair is virgin, it is more then possible to go from dark brown to blonde in one session (at a salon). 
However if you mean you have been colouring it dark brown, then no - it’s going to take at least two sessions (at the salon). 

There are so many brands of professional lightener on the market that us hairstylists have access to that make our jobs a whole lot easier. If your hair is previously coloured then you are looking to get a platinum card done - this is just a term that means every single hair is very thinly foiled for optimal coverage and heat retention, sometimes it can end up where the client has 500 foils in their hair. The hair will then be toned (where undertones are corrected) to a shade you desire and a root melt/shadow root can be added. 

You can start prepping the hair with treatments of Olaplex No.3 and K18. 

Re: Black to Blonde

@Mashxoxo   My number one tip is to go slow when lightening your hair.  Your hair and scalp will be in much better condition if you lighten it every couple weeks (to allow for moisture and oil recovery) for four to five sessions versus if you try lightening it in one, so plan for a few in-between shades going toward the shade you’re aiming for.  Hair lightening is a journey.   Your first bleaching will likely take you to a dark reddish orange shade coming from black which you can then tone to brown with a blue based toner.  You could next go dark blonde safely.  
Also, no matter what you do, your hair will be damaged by the process of lifting the cuticle and removing the color, so it will need both extra moisture and extra protein.  You should also plan to need a hair serum to reduce frizziness (open cuticles create more body so your hair will have more body and look fuller) and a hair oil is key to fake shine in processed hair.  
Hair color exploration is such a fun journey!  Good luck and I hope you post photos as you go! 

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