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Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

I've been considering waxing for a long time, but feel very unsure about it. I'd like to just start with the basic bikini wax (everything that would show out of a swimsuit - sides and top).


I get INTENSE razor bumps after shaving and nothing I've tried helps. They get so itchy and painful no matter what kind of clothing I wear after or how many lotions/creams I put on (so you can imagine the embarrassment of swimming or "playing" after shaving, it just sucks). Has anyone cured their razor bumps with bikini waxes?


I read really positive things about how it lessens hair growth over time, but I'd love to hear from my Sephora ladies Smiley Happy thank you!

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Stop shaving now. Never shave that area ever again. I recommend hard waxing. If you live in the US, I recommend going to the European Wax Center or somewhere to get it done by a professional to see their technique. Then if you feel comfortable, either continue going or buy hard wax yourself and try it at home. I do mine at home and it takes time to get the hang of it but once I started doing it, it was the answer to my prayers. I would never go back to shaving or using hair removal creams ever again. I wish I had a big sister to teach me sooner... would've saved me a lot of skin damage and discoloration that I got otherwise. The reason I recommended European Wax Center is because they have an exfoliator and a ingrown hair serum that will help.

@KayM12 yikes. I have 5 sisters and none of them told me...

@KayM12 yikes. I have 5 sisters and none of them told me this haha

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

When looking for a waxing salon, check if they doubledip waxing sticks. If they do, walk away and keep looking. The last thing you want is an infection. Taking a pain reliever before your appointment helps (I'm a wuss so I asked my doc for prescription anesthetic cream to apply beforehand). Shaveworks The Cool Fix and Tend Skin are good options to apply for ingrown hair prevention. Both available at Ulta; Sephora only sells Cool Fix now. Alcohol-free Aloe Vera gel is also a great option, and much cheaper (usually available at the waxing salon). HTH.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Waxing will change your life (hopefully lol) I used to get really bad razor bumps and ingrown hair after shaving my bikini line which, like you said, can be very embarrassing!  Waxing does hurt, but not nearly as bad as you think it will, and definitely results in less ingrowns (I only had one ingrown hair the last time I waxed).  Also it really does lessen hair growth, less grows back and it seems to grow back much slower!  I would recommend checking yelp to find a good place in your area and salons FAQ pages for more info!

@CaptM I would love to try waxing but am super afraid!!!

@CaptM I would love to try waxing but am super afraid!!!

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Sounds like you have really coarse hair - you will absolutely LOVE waxing, some may say you might even get addicted!


Waxing is definitely for you, when your new, try to avoid speed waxers for the first few times - just trust me. Build up that pain tolerance, especially if your pain tolerance is low, and let those follicles get accustomed to the tug before you let a speed waxer touch you.


Waxing actually damages the follicles, so it has the possibility of your hair not growing back what-so-ever. I know a couple older females who have been waxing all their lives, and they have just some random hairs on their legs here and there... it's a gift from heaven really. You will love waxing! And there isn't an age too late to start... unless you know, if you're leg skin is like a salami. 


And of course, make sure you find a reparable salon/parlor - cleanliness is a big deal when waxing... and whatever you do, DON'T wear skin tight clothing when you go get waxed.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Same thing happens to me:/
I get razor bumps on my bikini line every time I shave. It doesn't happen anywhere else but here and it makes no difference if I use a new razor or not. I found that a bikini wax definitely did help eliminate the razor bumps in that area. It's the only way I can ever get a perfectly smooth hair-free bikini area :/


My skin is super sensitive so right after the wax, the entire area will be very red, slightly tender and look pretty horrible, but the day after the wax my skin will look and feel normal again.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Don't use soap or soap like stuff to shave. Use an oil or cream to shave. I personally use a conditioning cream for shaving. It cuts down on any razor burn and bumps. Also make sure to exfoliate when the hair is growing back. This will loosen up any Harris that are ingrown. Try "coochy shave cream." Its specific made for shaving sensitive areas that have thick hair. 

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps


1. Razor Bump Burn: I've found that a few dabs of 50% (or more) of rubbing alcohol relieves and eliminates the irritation/rash from a poor shave or dirty clippers.

2. Razor Bumps: easiest of the 3 conditions to prevent. Regardless of skin type/color, newly shaved hair (especially hair cut with a blade rather than hair cut with clippers) need only be teased away from entering the skin. So before and between shaves, use a bump brush to train the hair away from entering the skin.

3. Ingrown Hair: most painful of the 3 conditions but preventable. Feel free to add anything I may have missed in this video.
TREATMENT: A small darning/sewing needle and patience are required. There are videos demonstrating this method as well but it's pretty intuitive. When you feel that there is a bump forming and you can't see the hair and it feels painful to the touch, waiting 1-2 days and use the needle to make a tiny break at the precise spot of pain and lift up. If the hair has not already been freed, dab clean the area with hot water.
A closer inspection or a magnifying glass should reveal a dark hair, and the second lift should lift the hair out.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Razor bumps can occur with various methods of hair removal, whether it's shaving or waxing. If you're considering waxing as it is a less timely process compared to frequent shaving, be sure you're you're visiting a reputable and clean professional establishment for starters. The technique, experience of the waxer, and even the type of wax used may make a huge difference in your experience at a business. If a waxer is sloppy and tries to cover too much ground at once, there's risk of hairs being snapped and not removed at the root as even pressure in removal of the wax isn't divided over that larger region. If a waxer is too tedious and works with areas too small, prolonging the process, it's possible there may be risk of irritation from constant plugging/removal over overlapping regions where wax is applied.


For more information over bikini and Brazilian waxes, check into the below thread:


The aftercare is also going to help immensely (again, regardless of what method of hair removal you turn to), many ingrown hair treatments contain alpha or beta hydroxy acids which help to chemically remove excess skin cells at the surface while promoting healthier cellular regeneration. This keeps skin's texture more even and in turn translates to minimizing hair folicles from being closed over and causing ingrowns.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

I agree with Loretta55, you may be experiencing ingrown hairs which happened a lot to me when I started to wax. The place I go to recommended PFP Vanish (pretty much the same as Tend Skin) and it helps the ingrown hairs breakthrough the skin faster. Also helps if you brush that area with a dry bristle brush.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

I used to get those razor rash/bumps until I started using Easy Slider by Origins.  It is an oil that you apply before shaving.  It's the best product I've found.


One thing I noticed when I was getting the bumps, when I applied lotion it seemed to make the rash worse.  Maybe it worsened it because it kept the area too moist.  Applying powder after shaving helped some but not like the easy slide.  Good luck

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Also shave with the hair growth, instead of against and use a newer blade not dull, this will help the chances of bumps. Don't use tons of pressure either. Ice can help soothe.


After my eyebrows are waxed, my waxer keeps their fingers cool and places them where just done for a couple seconds to lessen the effects.


Bliss makes pads for ingrown hairs/razor bumps. Sephora does have these.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

Try a product called Tend Skin. Sephora used to sell it. I purchase mine at Ulta. I use it daily in the Summertime after I shower. Tend Skin is available as a roll on or in a bottle. I use the roller ball because when I use to apply it with a cotton ball it removed my nail polish. The roller ball container is refillable. I believe that you are suffering from ingrown hairs.

Re: Bikini Wax to Lessen Razor Bumps

There is a new up and coming company called Bushbalm! They do all things ingrown hair prevention and bikini line skincare. Check them out and hopefully they will be in Sephora soon! 

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