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Best shampoo and conditioner for very long, very thick hair?

I have very long hair (down to my elbows) that is also extremely thick. Due to the length of my hair, the ends are constantly drying out and frizzing while the rest stays how it is supposed to. Any suggestions for a shampoo and conditioner that keeps color and keeps hair hydrated? 

I too have very long hair and my ends also get dry and fu...

I too have very long hair and my ends also get dry and fuzzy. This is just going to happen with hair that old (it's probably 3+ years at that point). It sounds like what I really need to do is condition the ends, not switch shampoos. I oil the ends of my hair with just normal olive oil once every couple of weeks. Just apply it straight and leave on at least an hour. I usually leave it own over night. It washes out fine with regular shampoo.

If you're looking for products to help lock in moisture b...

If you're looking for products to help lock in moisture but prevent/fight frizz, try Living Proof.


My hair is past my waist, thick, and wavy and I tired their shampoo and conditioner out and I felt a big difference in my hair. I've used drug store brands to high end brands and very rarely notice any difference, but with LP, I was made a believer!


Rather than use silicone to smooth the hair folicle down (which silicone and products such as argan oil, help lock in moisture, too much can form a waterproof barrier around the hair shaft and make hair feel dry), it uses a polyfluroester to smooth hair while taming frizz.


I noticed that my hair felt smoother and more manageable after using LP. I have a sample of their smoothing cream but I've yet to try it and I can say I'm impressed with the results from the shampoo and conditioner alone!


Another good conditioner to try is It's a 10's deep conditioning mask. I've only left it in for abut 3 minutes, but it rinses well and feels incredible. Next time I use it I plan on leaving it in my hair for 10 or 15 minutes. Concentrate it on your ends if that's where it needs it most.


Try looking for products with olive oil which help to moisturize but doesn't form a barrier around hair shafts. Frederik Fekkai's glossing line contains olive oil, the glossing cream could work well for you. Argan oil and Moroccan oils are great, just be careful with how much you use, over using any product will lead to negative results regardless of how great the product is.

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