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Best shampoo and conditioner for frizzy coarse hair?

I realllly am searching for a shampoo+ conditioner that will give me super silky sleek hair Smiley Sad ive tried everything like living proof's no frizz but nothing has worked! 

I have hair like yours. That being said, I would recommen...

I have hair like yours. That being said, I would recommend K Pak by Joico. It's actually aimed toward repairing damage hair, but it works just as well for making coarse, unruly hair softer and a lot more sleeker. 



If you do decide to purchase the shampoo/conditioner duo, I would HIGHLY suggest pairing it with the reconstructor mask.


It comes in a tube. It is basically a miracle in a tube. It's pretty amazing and the product speaks for itself. The price for all three will not break your bank. It's not as inexpensive as Garnier, but not as expensive as Aveda, if that makes any sense. 

Just remember that the key to getting rid of frizz is conditioner/ a serum of some sort. Try to leave your conditioner in for five minutes, then rinsing it out. A deep conditioner will also help TREMENDOUSLY. An inexpensive one that goes a long way and does the trick is Dove Nourishing Oil Care- it makes your hair feeling AMAZINGLY soft and that is typically after one use.


A serum I would recommend is Chi Silk Infusion, but there are TONS out there, probably ones more inexpensive too. 


I switch shampoos often, as it's better for your hair, and right now I am using Garnier Sleek n Shine shampoo/conditioner duo, along with their $4 moroccan oil. The Sleek n Shine Moroccan Oil is pretty decent and you can use it three ways (while you shower and wash your hair, directly after on wet hair, and/or on dry hair). I normally just keep it in my shower caddy and put a few drops in my conditioner, then leave that on my hair while I'm showering, rinsing after about five minutes or so. I wasn't expecting much because I hadn't used Garnier since my sophomore year of high school (and was unimpressed with it back then) but since that time they have added argan oil to their line which is better for your hair and does a better job of nourishing your hair and smoothing it.


You may have tried garnier and/or you might not think it would be right for you, but i suggest you try it if you haven't! It's so cheap you might as well Smiley Happy


Also, do you have damaged hair? Do you flat iron/curl it/blow dry it or use a lot of heat product on it? Is your hair bleached? If so, that could be why your hair is frizzy and unmanageable. If this is the case, I would suggest cutting back on heat. It's TOUGH, trust me, but your hair will feel a lot better and be in better conditioner Smiley Happy It just just need a little TLC. 

Regardless, I think there is a good chance that some of the products I mention could work for you! I hope I helped.


I highly recommend the Ojon line -- it has changed the be...

I highly recommend the Ojon line -- it has changed the behavior of my hair.  

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