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Best product for beach waves?

Okay so in June I am going to this music festival that is three days long, and I will be camping... so there wont be any outlets or anything like that to blow dry or straighten my hair.   (Yikes) Anyway my hair is naturally thick and wavy, whats a good product to make the waves look there best?

Re: Best product for beach waves?

You can actually make surf spray yourself. You just need water, a kind of hair oil (like coconut oil), some sea salt, and a spray bottle. Try looking it up online. There are all sorts of great tutorials.

The thing is, beachy wave spray with salt causes quick build so if you're using it a few days in a row and don't want to wash your hair every day, you might enjoy a dry shampoo or something.

Re: Best product for beach waves?



I like to use these two products with a certain step method and yes it's a little time consuming but it's easy peasy to do.

- Conditioner, whatever you use

- Charlotte Ronson

- Herbal Essence totally twisted Curl Scrunching Gel

-  hair spray, Any kind that doesn't weigh the hair down too much or isn't too crunchy

- A towel for a headwrap

- A Little time , Dedication/devotion, & Patience



wash your hair then put in conditioner and wash out then after that turn off the water flip your hair over and finger comb another bout of conditioner through just enough to fit in the palm of your hand. then spray/mist your hair once with charlotte ronson's product and then towel wrap your head until barely damp, then...unravel the towel put in the desired amount of herbal essence curl scrunching gel in, and scrunch. then spray in hair spray, scrunch again then do a little more charlotte ronson and hair spray and scrunch up to the ears and down a couple times until desired look comes about but don't scrunch too much when it gets too dry or it will separate! anyways the end result is well worth the work and if I can do this anyone can do this. I am so bad with styling my hair that I don't even know how to part it yet i can accomplish this and love the end result.  

Re: Best product for beach waves?

I use a brand of surf spray by KMS. Ulta sells it and its like $16. I love it for lazy hair days.

Re: Best product for beach waves?

Hi AshleyLBurke, 


Bring along a dry shampoo as well! My hair doesn't look so great on the 2nd day of not washing ( it's so fine, washing everyday doesn't work) but during times when I've gone 3-4 days without it, a dry shampoo is AMAZING to keep the texture and even add some shape and volume!


You can keep your hair in 2 loose braids when you go to sleep at night and spritz a bit of surf spray in them to help keep that beachy texturized look going on. When you wake up in the morning, a blast of dry shampoo will keep the oils on your scalp from making the hair greasy and will help again with the waves. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Best product for beach waves?

Texturizing, salt sprays like the one Spyski recommended are great!


I'm not sure what shampoo/conditioner you use, but my hair is thick and wavy too (plus down to my hips) and I've been using Redken's Curvaeous line and love it! The conditioner is a rinse out/leave in option which is great. I shampoo, rinse, get out the shower, blot out excess water with a towel and then apply a dollop of the conditioner when hair is still damp and scrunch. It dries to a great finish and my hair is super soft. The spray from Bumble & Bumble would be great to add to the body and waves, plus refresh your style!

Re: Best product for beach waves?

Sounds fun! When I went to Hangout Fest last May I used Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray. Great "look-like-you-went-to-the-beach" look!


If hair is dry, spritz on the ends of hair then flip hair upside down then spray in the middle strands. After spraying (a little goes a long way), scrunch it up to your ears. Gives a great texture to the waves especially if your hair is already thick/wavy. Lightly mist a finishing hair spray to set it.


If hair is wet, spritz on the ends of hair, make 3-5 twisty buns on top of head, put bobby pins in to secure, wait about 30 minutes, take out pins and unravel hair.



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