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Best heat protection product

I straighten my hair about 2-3 times a week and I used to use TREsemme's thing that they do not sell anymore. But I did not like it much because it felt a little greasy and I wash my hair every other day so I would sleep on this "heat protection" product that would make me get pimples on my forehead.

Can you tell me what heat protection product you use. I love my hair and I do not want to have major split ends I got those chopped off and now have a fresh hair cut so I wanna ensure my hair to be protected.



Re: Best heat protection product

I use herbal essences long term relationship. I haven't found anything at sephora YET that i've liked but hopefully others here will have some nice recommendations t o check out!

Re: Best heat protection product

I really liked Bumble and Bumble styling lotion (spray bottle) not really a lotion but they call it that. you can use it on damp or dry hair.

redken also makes a heat protectant that comes in varying hold strengths that's also rally nice.

I also really liked Matrix Vavoom Gold Het Iron-in Control Protective Dry Mist and I found it helped add shine as well.

Kudos to you for ironing your hair the RIGHT way and not putting the appliance straight onto your strands! Smiley Wink


Hope this helps!



Re: Best heat protection product

I LOVE Bumble and Bumble! Smiley Happy good choice!


Re: Best heat protection product

I have tried my fair share of heat protectors and I found one that I am in love with. It is the FX Special Effects Flat Iron: Sheer Silky Smooth Heat Memory Flat Iron Spray (lol don't be intimidated by the long name).


It is light and leaves my hair smooth and soft.  The spray is a water like consistency and it won't leave you with that greasy or oily feeling.  I have only seen it sold at Walgreens and it is about 3.99 or so. It comes in a purple bottle

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Re: Best heat protection product

Hands-down the best is Redken's Iron Silk.  It helps straighten hair and it HOLDS!  It also prevents frizz!  It is the BEST!!!

Re: Best heat protection product

My favorite is the John Freida Heat Protecting Spray. It can feel a little sticky at first, but it dries totally silky. Plus, it makes your hair smell like a salon! It does a good job of keeping my hair non-fried looking. I'm not sure if they sell this at sephora, but you can get it at ulta or any drugstore.


Re: Best heat protection product

I love TRESemme's Heat Tamer Spray. It's not greasy at all and doesn't weigh your hair down. I spray on a ton before I flat iron my hair and just run my fingers through it to make sure that it isn't wet.

Re: Best heat protection product

My all time favorite is CHI's 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. It comes in an 8.5oz bottle and is around $13.99. You can get it in a salon and I believe Target and select Walmarts also carry it. Some individuals dislike the smell, however, I think it smells great. It leaves my hair feeling very fresh and cuts down on the frizz dramatically. I love it. I use it everytime I use my Professional 1" GHD flat iron.

Re: Best heat protection product

I use the CHI 44 Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray. Ever since I used it, (I have dry hair) I have noticed that my hair looks more healthy, and shiny than when I wasn't using it. I highly recommend it!

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