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Best finishing product for hair

Help Ladies! Smiley Happy


I'm looking for a good finishing product to apply to my dry hair after it is styled. My hair is in good condition overall- I don't really have issues with breakage or split ends. However, it seems like it always kind of looks like a hot mess, especially when it's straight. The ends take on a dry messy appearance, even though my hair doesn't feel dry. It also seems to tangle fairly easily. I use Carol's Daughter Monoi mask several times per week and always use a heat protectant, etc. I get a trim every 8-10 weeks.


My hair is long, color treated, and medium thickness.


I have tried biosilk and it didn't seem to help much. I was thinking of trying Moroccan Oil- do you think this would be a good option? Open to any and all suggestions!!! 



Re: Best finishing product for hair

You take very good care of your hair! I commend you on that! I wish more people would do that. As a stylist, i have a few recommendations on finishing products. But i would like to know exactly what you mean by a hot mess. Is it frizzy or the style not lasting?

Re: Best finishing product for hair

It's not really frizzy and the style will hold, it's just that the ends tend to look dry and will stick out in several different directions even after straightening. I guess it you could say I have slightly frizzy ends? I'm sorry if I'm not explaining it very well!

Re: Best finishing product for hair

No you are explaining it just fine. For dry ends i would recommend either an oil or a cream finishing product. It can be your preference but i find a cream is more beneficial. My favorite brand for styling products is Macadamia Natural Oil. They have an Oil, Cream, and oil mist for finer hair. I love putting alittle on the end of my hair after styling because i do have the same problem as you. I can deep condition like crazy and take good care of my hair but my ends will always be dry and tangle. Putting a bit in the palms of your hair and running it through only the ends will help. Ulta carries that brand, i don't know who else. Also if your looking for some at Sephora....



I like Alterna, This is the Silk- Sleek brilliance cream, i love using it as a finishing product


alterna 2.jpg

And this is the Kendi Oil and i use this all the time as well. Alittle of both will go a long way. 

I Hope this helps you. 

Re: Best finishing product for hair

Awesome I will try them- thank you!!!

Re: Best finishing product for hair

No problem.

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